Sunday, 30 March 2014

5 things.

I think I am one of the funny female species. 

1. I do not fancy big cock. Guys will not know how painful it is to have a big rod inserting into your most sensitive part. 

2. Big cock leads to lesser blowjobs. A woman's mouth is only this big right? :o if your cock can't fit in, then too bad isn't? I know of several guys who think having a big cock is good and are super proud of their "assets" . 

3. I like to be dominated in bed sometimes. (Depends on mood itself that day) I can be a tamed little innocent kitten or a wild crazy sexy cat.

4. I do not have one night stands or random flings with strangers. I will only advance to the next stage if I am comfortable enough with him. 

5. Lastly, I am short and smaller size than you thought I am. But I sure can moan the loudest. ;) 

6. One last thing! I am considering to replace my sugar daddy/brother/friend, not exactly fwb or flings. Because it's been months since I last met him and I feel rather distant with him now. So if you are looking for a one night stands or free fucks, I think you can just forget about it. :) 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Boobies grab

Side straight doggy style. He was pounding me from the back while we both lie on our side, on the bed . Easy access to the boob, he fondled, lingered and grabbed it . :) only downside, my bf got a big dick. Too big for my small frame.

This was taken a month ago with my bf. 

Anyways a quick update, I went on separate ways with A already. He wants to make it official with me and don't want to just be a fling . 
As usual, I'm totally still not prepared to go to the next stage. 
But  I really liked him and his thoughtfulness. :( 

Friday, 14 March 2014

A day in the train . Sorry for the lack of update! Work was busy and I was ill! 

Saw pretty nurse with sexy legs in the train..... 
Reminded me of a porn video I watched last time where the setting is in hospital! Anyways the porn websites that I watched have been denied access . ;( it's been so long since I watched any porn online!!! anyone has any safe web links that is not blocked? Pls recommend below! :) :)