Friday, 18 April 2014

Unusual experience

Basically, sex can be a form of destressing . :) 

Thank you A for the lovely surprise dinner tonight. It's really very different from the usual meals we had. The restaurant is called N.O.X. (Guys you can bring your partner over! Read online the reviews were fabulous, price ranges about $125/pax ) it's a very very unique dining experience so expect to pay for the unusual ambience and sensory experience. :) 

& I curled my hair today for the special dinner with him. 

Thanks for pampering me. :)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jason's encounter

The following true story is from one of my male reader , Jason :) 

One of the encounter I had:
I was attached with this lady A who was a director of a company and had a big office at CBD,
 (I doggy her at her office room overviewing the whole clarke quay pubs area, cause she got a large office by herself).

One night while I was chilling with this other girl, an air stewardess B... we got high on gin tonic and then she asked if I wanted to visit her new BTO HDB house she got with her finance and I agreed. She blow me on the way there while I was driving. When enter the house, it was brand new & empty with only a new king size mattress that wasn't even open!!! 

We teared the plastic sheet cover off and she started to ride on me fiercely, really rough rowdy sex. After which I doggy her. And finally I was missionary her, suddenly my hp rang and lady A was calling me wishing me goodnight. Being drunk I answered my phone and talked to her while missionaring girl B.

Girl B got instantly turn on super high by now and she whispered to my ears : " please chat more with her" which I did.
 I even turned on to speaker mode,put my iphone on top of girl B boobs and missionary her while saying "i love u" and mushy stuff to girl A. 

It was this damn scandalous feeling which I know its wrong but so attracted to it. After finished the conversation and ending the call with A, I ask B to call her finance and chat with him, which she did. Girl B let out soft moan which chatting with her finance and it was damn shiok. After ending the call, I cum and we both went home. The next day morning girl B said the finance parents went to the new house with her, and girl B saw the condom with my cum leftover on the floor, we both too drunk to clear up the mess and forgot about it. She was so embarrassed and quickly cleared it off and hope that the parents didnt ask their son. =)

 Hey readers! by the way i really love to read your scandals stories! Email me to share your stories here :) 

Monday, 7 April 2014

Selfie finally.

Sg's weather is pretty horrible . I can't wait to get home to remove all my clothes every single time I go outdoors. It's really terrible! I hate to sweat in my shirt cause it's gonna be sticky and warm all over. It's not like I do sweat a hell loads but the weather was really hot enough to fry eggs with!! 

Today I slipped a finger into my shirt front to my cleavage to check out the sweat level. Yeah pretty much amazing like that. 

It's warm and sweaty in the middle . I guess it's gonna taste abit salty in between those OO ;)


// we're smiling but we are close to sweats // 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Drowsy weekends

I've added some of you in my wechat to chat up and make friends with. :) 
Sorry if I didn't ask you for it , cause it's either you are too boring for me or too creepy or without a name/age/job or married or below 24 year old. //

Honestly, I did not expect that amount of responses from you guys :) thanks so much. 

But a number of the guys just taking this like a chance to have sex with me etc. Aggggh hate it. Why will a girl wanna sex with you and you expect it for free?! Are u  David beckham?! 

Anyway the weekend is sooo short . I hardly have time to rest cause I'm such a sick kitten. And this time round I'm down with flu infection, which gotten really bad that I have a throat infection now as well. Not forgetting all the medications that made me drowsy whole day and night . 


On the other hand, I'm happy that people are still sending me emails saying that they enjoyed reading my blog. :)))

One guy even spent the whole afternoon away reading allllll my entries since the first post till the last. :') 

Here's a cute doggie pic! 

Mr A and I are back again! Maybe he missed my kitty too much. Haha just kidding. But he still wanna settle down with me!! Maybe in a few years time I'll really consider him. 
That night we had sex, he pre-ejaculated 4 times in a row. Like wth... He's looking into remedies to solve his precum issues. He said I'm too sexy for him to hold back his loads. Lol... Luckily we are on condom. :) 
I feel good to be with him, cause he really treats me like a princess most of the time and not just as a sex doll. Sometimes we can spend the whole night talking without doing anything extras ;) that's what makes him diff from the rest of the guys isn't! He's like my part time bf . I must say I'm pretty contented with him... Until I find a better one that comes along :) 

Oh ya! Do you guys have any fantasy? It's hidden deeeeep inside you. Deeeeeeeep inside me I always wanted to try out an orgy/ 3P/ 4P for fun. But I wanna be the only female la. So it's gonna be MMF or MMMF :) 

Ok I'm gonna rest now. 
Sorry for the abrupt ending here. 

Friday, 4 April 2014

Made my day knowing there's people loving to read this small space of mine :) one of them are 

And I replied all your emails :)