Saturday, 31 August 2013

Guy A

Whom is my current fling. He is such amazing licker. He gets super turned on by my moans and pantings. Especially if my moans slowly turn into gasps and pantings..... 

Today, after our rounds, He said he wanna marry me . 

I went blank. 

Anyways I find him attractive when he's serious. I like to mess around with him and make him jealous all the time :p 

I made him jealous by saying I masturbated to a hot guy I knew online. When he saw me, he was angry and jealous but I kissed him passionately and moved down to his sensitive nipples. I licked and licked till they stand. 

He's delicious. 

But he was still angry . He pushed his dick into my mouth. And fucked my mouth hard. I felt helpless and horny while he grabbed my hair and pushed deeper into my throat. I can literally taste his precum in the back of my throat.... 

And he turned me around and fuck me twice . 

Bf problem

Bf has a big ego and a big dick. Lol 
He loves it when I suck his manhood like a kitten. But bad thing is he doesn't like to return the favour by licking me back. :( he find that as a big man, he shouldn't do such stuff. I don't know how and why and where he got this idea from. 

I actually like being licked .... Oh gosh I'm wet from thinking about another guy, A, who is a very skillful licker. Mmmmmm 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guy L (3)


Nearer to my house... He drove into a darker lane.

I did not question him why... 

He came to a halt and parked his car. He turned to me and started kissing me. 

Indeed, how vulnerable can one be when meeting an ex-puppy-love-boyfriend ? 

I did not stop him. But I asked about his girlfriend because he was attached actually. He did not answer all my questions and wanted me to stop talking about her. He said he missed me and that's all it matters.... 

Then we kissed... Then... With tongues... And his hands wandered around.... 

He asked if we could go backseat of the car to talk. And foolishly, I actually followed. Once we were at the back, the rough kissing continued. I saw his erection very clearly and figured that maybe we should stop right away.

I pushed him back a little, enough to send a clear message that we should stop here, but instead of stopping, he travelled up and groped my majestic breast.... while keeping my mouth and tongues very occupied with his frenching. 

Quickly (or should i say skillfully?), he started undressing my top. I'm wearing a skirt below by the way. It's getting way too hot at the back... 

He removed my bra and dived straight into my two melons. Uncontrollably, I let out a gasp. He sucked the nips hard enough while taking off his pants and his hands were roaming down south this time. I wondered how all these things can happen so fast, at the same time suddenly.... 

His abs were sexy. hmmm...

before I could react to anything more, he pinned me down the back seat till I was lying down flat. He sucked my nip gently and switched between the two. 

L*: " wow your boobs are really big. It's so soft too. " 

I blushed. He carried on with his business while his hands went into my skirt, into my little panty. 

He rolled a condom on ( obviously came prepared) and his fingers did not stop at all. By then I was already pretty wet. Wet because of all the excitement in the car, rather than super horny kinda wet. But anyways I WAS wet. And he climbed on top of me and slided into my skirt easily ... 

The moves weren't all at sync but were quite violent. So still acceptable. Cant expect much from a ONS... 

(Well... I'm all into  rough sex. )

Guy Joe (1)

(Happened in 2012) 

We were at a group outing for the first time. It's for an event which I don't wanna disclose. But to cut the story short, We were divided into groups of 30 people. So basically it's 15 females and 15 males in a group. Then there will be games and activities where groups compete with each other. 

Side note// At the event day itself, I was on bad terms with my BF, we quarreled and broke up the previous day before the event day. Out of anger, both of us didn't contact each other at all that day. //

Joe* saw me for the first time. & He liked me instantly. (He told me later on when we were together) He mentioned that I'm his "type" of girl and was eyeing on me the whole event. I hope it doesn't sound creepy here, cause it really wasn't! He likes girl with light make up on, and I was that day, with long sleeve and a dull shorts. But he was attracted to this kinda natural beauty. Non fake, non pretentious. 

I was doing rather well in the group games but I due to my shy personality, I didn't get to know the majority of guys in my group. I only knew 2 guys by the end of the day. and of course I didn't know his existence at all yet. 

So the event day ended. 

2 days later, our contact list with our phone numbers were uploaded on Facebook and tagged by the organizers. 

And Joe went to search all the girls in the list to get to know which exactly is my name in the long list.... And his efforts paid off. He got my number too. 

I didn't accept his request in Facebook cause I barely knew him at all. And he texted me the day after... 

I was still having fighting texts with my BF till now. And I received Joe's text . 

But i ignored it. 

Fights continued (but in my heart I'm just hoping for his text every single seconds) and he was hostile and cold to me by the next 3 days. 

Out to spite him, I replied Joe (3 days after he texted me) . 

He was baffled by my reply, but happy at the same time and we texted pretty much that day.

Strangely he did not asked me if I'm single or attached while we are chatting... He then asked me out for a date. And by then, BF was still not eager to get back or shown any signs of remorsefulness. So I agreed. 

We lived quite far apart and he cannot find my place so he was late ( despite the fact that he left house an hour earlier on purpose) but maybe because I gave unclear address :x 

Turned out he was really shy . Like even shyer than me. He didn't really dare to look into my eyes. He brought me to a french restaurant and we got to know each other further from the dinner. Like how he knows I don't eat clams from it. He said he enjoyed my company alot. 

Guy L (2)

(Btw this happens in 2011) 

We went out to a nearby mall to catch a movie. On our way there , there's a beggar begging on the floor, he took out his wallet and gave a $10 note generously to him. I was quite impressed by his move cause I usually only give $2. And I have him a smile and he held my hands. It felt so wrong. He said he missed me. (He had a gf back then too)

I let go of his hands and we proceed to the cinema. In the theatre, he suddenly turned towards me and hugged me. I rejected, but he said " don't, let me hug you.  I miss you. "  

He kissed me inside the darkness. I forgot what movie was showing back then. 

When we came out, we had jap food and then Haagen Dazs for dessert. He fed me ice cream and wiped my mouth for me. I feel extremely uncomfortable by his gesture. It's too weird for him to behave like this. 

He sent me back.. 

On the way home.... He held my hands all the way in the car ...

When we got home, we continued chatting in MSN....

Then the following week, he suggested another meet up. We had dinner together and chit chats... 

Nearer to my house, he drove into a darker lane....  (To be continue) 

Guy L (1)

I met this guy L* since we were in secondary school. He's popular with the girls whilst I'm desperately trying to get his attention on me during those days. 

He plays basketball, is short but fit. He's also good with words and naturally girls will all flock around him all the time. 

Obviously I had a big crush on him and somehow we got closer as friends.... And maybe a little too close for a friend. Sometimes he will hug me when there's no one around and we will hold hands to the bus stop after school. But everything between us were really innocent and sweet at that time. But those happy times don't last eventually and I also found out that my best friend liked him. It turns out it was mutual and soon enough, they got together & I drifted away from both my best friend and him. ( they broke up after 6 months though) 

At the point of time, we were so immature, and these are all just puppy love to me now. 

Soon, we both graduate from secondary schools and went on separate ways... 

I remember at that period, it's the MSN period... I plucked up all my courage and added him into my chat list.... 

So we started talking on and off sometimes. 

Two years passed ...

(Msn still popular cause there's no whatsapp yet) 

L: hi!! 

Me: oh hi. 

L: how are you? 

Me: good as usual. 

(Some catching up news and updates about him ) 

L: it's been so long since we met la. Don't u go out with any secondary school friends? Yesterday I just went out with *thomas, (a mutual friend) 
Why not we video chat? 

Me: ok sure 
L: this weekend free? Wanna meet for a movie? It's really long since we last met..... 

Me: huh. I think will awkward since we haven't meet for so long already. 

L: won't la. Trust me. I miss you leh.  I drive my new Audi come pick u. 

Me: ok... 

BF (1)

Let me start with the most important person. 

My BF. 

We have been together for x years and beside the usual small, regular quarrels throughout the relationship, we love each other deeply actually. 

I love him alot too. 

But . 

He's quite violent when he gets angry. But he toned down on that alot nowadays. So I don't wanna elaborate further. His temper used to be very bad.... And for the past years I've always tolerated every thing I faced. 

To him, I'm a kind hearted, tolerating gf. That why sometimes he tends to go over the line with me. Which is usually resolved by his "sorry" later on. And I always, forgive him without fail. 

Sex... Sex with him is rough and romantic at the same time.. His foreplay wasn't all that good though and he's those kind of guy who expect more than he returns. But he wears me out everytime. He has a huge d* too. 

He's not from a wealthy background and his family treats me very well which I'm really appreciative of. Sometimes I realized I forgive him many times due to his family's love for me. 

He is a heck care BF. & that explains why I get a lot freedom in this relationship... He's always busy with friends or his own hobbies. He's not a family guy (unlike me) and I don't like that fact.  To add on, he is not that caring boyfriend every girl wishes to have. He cares more about himself and do not prioritize me. 

E.g. Today, We can agree on catching a particular movie on the next week.

But coincidently the next day, his friends ask him out for that movie (we agreed on watching together) and he will still watch with them. And then texted me that next week's movie is cancelled. 

Still, I know this is the only guy I can't let go of. 


I'm in my twenties, quite petite, love dolling up and have a boyfriend (BF) of x years, and started this blog to confess things that have been kept inside me for some time... 

I had a few affairs before.... in which I will slowly unveil and pen it down here. 

It's personal and intimate, so if you are a self-righteous person or an underage, please exit this blog immediately. 

Thank you.