Thursday, 31 October 2013

White lace on

Don't know how many of you are still reading my space here. 

It's actually a lifestyle diary more than a sex one so sometimes I don't go into details . But just a quick update. I had three amazing rounds with A yesterday. Cause I was wearing this new white Lacey panty that he got super super turned on from it. He fucked me with the panty on. Simply by opening my legs and then flipping the lace to the side so his cock can take the main entrance while the white lace watched closely beside my pussy lips. He cummed within minutes I swear. He said I'm out to seduced him entirely. 

He woke me up in the morning before work to fuck me again. Because I was sleeping in the white Lacey panty and a sleeveless white top with no bras on. 

He even smelled my panty when I took it off so I can wash my privates after sex. 
I've read about there are actually guys out there who maaturbate with ladies' panties . Are u one of them? 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boobs> head?

Happy Saturday with A . 
This is my view when he lies on my lap. =)

P.s. On the bad side, I spent all my money in Chanel yesterday. :( 
Time to save !  

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sugar dad: impromptu meet up

SD: finished my work, so tonight free? 
Me: sure. Ok. Meet what time?
SD: 7pm at your house downstairs. I come pick you up. 

So I just got home and haven't got a chance to rest and now I have to get up and start dolling up. Wore my white plain spaghetti tucked in firmly with a rose skirt and took the plainest looking handbag and went down.

White lancer. He's here early.

We headed over to his place and chatted awhile just like friends. And then he suggested for a shower. I suggested together? He happily agreed of course. 


So we are washing for each other. I put some passion fruit shower gel on him and myself . He started rubbing me up and down. I reciprocated by soaping his back and body and his nipples. He turn me (now my back is facing him) and he hug me with his dick in between my thighs. He went up a little and touched my pussy and slided in between the lips... And he rubbed up and down .... Since both hands of his are free, he went straight to my boobies and rubbed the slippery and soapy them. 

Then one of his hands went down and started rubbing my clit. He was definitely turning on by my soft moans cause I can feel his dick getting bigger in between my  pussy lips. His dick is the biggest I've tried on actually. The circumference is around my bf's size but this guy got the long length of mr.A 's  as well. So to cut the story short, he's very well-equipped. 

And his fingers got way faster until I was moaning and breathing heavily . There's a lot of bubble below from what I can see. And I turned to gave him a good balls massage and stroked his long dick with my small hands carefully... 

He turned on the shower head and sprayed it on my boobs. The soap bubbles are being washed down, revealing my twin peaks. He held the shower head down further and sprayed the powerful sprayhead on my pussy. 


It's pain and sensitive at the same time as the water machine lays on my clit. My clit was really getting aroused and red while my pussy is abit swollen with blood gushing down ... He seems to enjoyed the view of me like this.

 I moaned louder... The shower head is spraying directly onto my clit ... It's so sensitive.... Till I was actually trebling a little from the intense spray.... 

Back on to the bed, he put on the condom and I went on top of him to let him suck my nipples. He was sucking so hard today.... I moaned into his ears. 

I was a little  wet actually. Not totally but he easily slide his big manhood in and I screamed " yr dick is so big " "ahhh" uncontrollably before forcing my pussy to devour them inside. I forced myself to adjust to his length and rode him like a hungry for big dick whore. All the way till he moaned loudly and cum into the tight rubber. 

We washed up again before he sent me back home. 

-the end- 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A quickie

Fell passionately into two rounds of sex before we head out for late dinner at 9pm ... After dinner we were strolling around the neighborhood hands in hands, feeling like a old married couple. 
No doubts he loves me. 
But do I really love him? 

Back into A's car I suddenly lean over to driver seat and kissed him. The way we started... That passionate wet kiss... And then his cock seemed to recharge with battery and the very next thing he did was enroute and sped back to his house. 

The moment we got home we started peeling off each other clothes and had a quickie (third round) and pumped like rabbits before he sent me back home again. 

How was your Sunday night? :] 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

To do list (oct)

- buy bf some presents 

- buy new bikini 

- pay bills 

- hari raya holiday sex ( coming tues) 

- meet sugar daddy 

P.s. My previous post on : " First photo " features my boyfriend.
 While the recent post on "careless kiss" is Mr. A. 

:) hope it clarifies readers. :) 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sugar daddy

Something that none of my partners know. And yet I'm sharing here the first. I actually had a sugar daddy. Not so much of a daddy cause he's 38, but there's just the age gap there no matter what. 

That's months ago actually. Before I got to know A . After I met A, and we progressed till now, I haven't been meeting my SD . And he's very patient and nice to me despite months of not seeing me. We usually will just text once in a while when I'm free and alone at home. (Which is rarely cause of A ) ( A is very sticky and possessive ) 

I think I need to meet him soon. I saw a Chanel earring at Chanel taka yesterday . Hahaha jk. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Teacher teacher

A: you know I kinda like role playing right? 

Me: yep. Is that a hint? 

A: haha maybe we should buy costume to try ... I like nurse, teacher, student.... 

Me: hahahaha typical man ! 

... The next day... 

I whipped up a good Chinese dinner for A when he came back from work .... He was very satisfied with the delicious meal I cooked.... And was sleepy after dinner so I suggested I go over his place ...

Meanwhile I have already packed my bag... An hour earlier I opened my wardrobe and searched for any likely outfit which can be deemed as school girl uniform. 

Luckily I found somewhat can be substituted as a school outfit which looks like this: 

seems like those u can see from Japanese porn isn't? Lol 

Anyways I brought the outfit to his place and waited till he showers.... And I quickly change into the student attire and start flipping the thick reference financial books he had on his desk. The skirt I was wearing was so short that I had to stand up . (There's no panty underneath it as well) and I tied up my hair into a pony tail. 

After 10mins, he's out of the shower... And was very surprised to see a naughty student loitering at his desk. ;) 

A: wow where did you get this outfit? 

Me: teacher teacher ... I don't know how to do your homework at all... :( 

A: why didn't you listen in class? Now I have to give you some remedial lessons then... 

Me: I'm sorry ... Ok I will be attentive this time. 

A: you still deserve to be punish first.

Me: pls teacher A.... 

A: why are u wearing such a short skirt? 

Me: ... 

A: bend down now. 

Me: teacher! Why??

A: I have to spank you for that. You don't have any discipline at all! 

And teacher A held me down and landed a heavy smack on my butt. I wailed... He continued and gave several smacks on my buttocks, which eventually reddens... 

He slided a finger into my pussy, and realized it's glistening wet... 

A: "& your remedial lesson starts now."

He finger fucked me rapidly till I was panting and asked him to stop. He held my hands behind and continues while I'm feeling very helpless as I can't see what he will do to me.  Hence I'm super wet below thinking of such thoughts in my head...

He then flipped me over and I looked at him innocently.... He went down and licked my juicy hole. He continues "painting" it with his skillful tongue. 

Me: "Hmmm... Ahh... Teacher pls... Stop it.. What if other student knows? " 

Mr A : "It's after school and I already locked my door " 

" now get up and I am teaching u something. Do u know what is a bj? "

I shaked my head obediently. 

Mr A: " now place yr mouth on top here (points to his dickhead) and suck it like a candy. " 

I went over and tried it. He then instructed me to suck up and down the growing dick. I did according to what I was told. He smacked my butt again and moaned. I moaned too. The spankings sting but made me so aroused... 

He couldn't control anymore and asked me to lie down on the bed. He placed a pillow below my butt to elevate it higher and grabbed my hands under his hands so I cannot move anywhere. Without any warning, he slided his erected dick into me and pumped hard right away! I moaned so loud and I can see his face full of enjoyment too. His dick was totally immersed into my wetness.

I screamed and asked teacher A to stop, but he threatened to tell my mum about my misbehaviour.... 

He went missionary all the way on me and ended up with his cum in my innocent sweet face. 

"Now you will be good. " Mr A said. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013