Saturday, 27 September 2014

Poll of the month : how to seduce a guy?

How to seduce a guy? 

  1. Strip yourself completely in front of him / don't wear anything at all 
  2. Let him strip you
  3. Sexy dance and strip 
  4. Make out first...
  5. Unzip him and go down south 
  6. Lie on bed and let him do whatever he likes on you
  7. Wear sexy lingerie 
  8. Just be your usual self without gimmicks

Quick poll for my lovely male readers, what do you guys think is the best method to turn you on instantly?

(Don't be shy, just let me know what guys like! u can comment your answer here anonymously with more options or just vote in the poll on the right bar of my blog. --->  )

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pantyhose delicacy

Happy weekends everyone ! 

Just a juicy pic of the delicious delicacy 

My pussy used to be like this... Then ex bf doesn't like it so I have to shave clean.... Miss those times...

A will like it too. He loves to torment my little pussycat and used it well. Regardless shaven or not. Sometimes I do think he's a real pussy lover. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Q of the day: Who else goes down?

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a busy month for me.

Love it when A goes down and hungrily devour my little kitten. Love it even more when he stimulates my sensitive parts at one go. E.g. Fingering my pussy when he's licking my clit. 

It makes me moan like a whore . 

(I'm a single woman now btw. I realized I can do better without my bf. )

Pic credit to a loyal reader who emailed me :) you know who you are. 
Love you guys! 

N gutter uncensored 

Which asian 

Pussy do you like? 

If she spreads her leg like this will you go down too? 

Fantasy story by Jose

Updating my blog with a fantasy story written by Jose . U can check out his blog : 

The following is exact COpy and paste from his blog:

(P.s. Jose! My breast is  C cup hahahaha ) 

Sorry for the wait guys,took me quite some time to come up with something for this story.Anyway,I will be using Carlessness's  name.The following link here is her blog so check it out!!!

Desiree:Jo,you going to practice for Thursday's lab test later??

Me:Maybe after today's coming?? me ah!!! my lab work cmi


Heading to the lab with her straight after class,realising that there wasn't anyone inside.We went in and started preparing our tools like what always we do during lab tests.Doing our own individual lab work at first,following all the instructions given in the lab book.

After 10 minutes of lab work,Desiree came to me for help as her's wasn't working.Looking at her work,I realized that her wiring was incorrect and started wiring it up for her.Testing to see whether it was the same as what I did.

Desiree:Wah!!how you??

Me:*explains what went wrong*

Desiree:ohhh...expected from a "teacher" hahaha

Me:hahaha...I look that old??

Desiree:No la....hahaha you smart what

*Phone vibrates*Checking my phone and saw a whatsapp message from Shu Xian(gf).While I was typing,Desiree was peeking.

Me:Privacy leh.... gf already ah??Sits on the lab bench with her legscrossed

Me:yeah...why so surprised?? did "that" with her already mah??*grins*

Shocked after the question,I just shook my head.She came closer and whispered into my ear "josecantstopwriting".

Me:You know??

With her index finger on my lips,she kissed my cheeks.Realising that she wanted "that",I just stood there and decided to "let loose".My hands went to her hips,attempting to touch her butt while she was kissing me.Without resisting,I got bold and my hands went to touch her breast,giving her a shock.

Desiree:Mmmm...that's more like it hehe

She started removing her shirt,revealing her B cupped breast along with her nipple tape.Helping her remove the nipple tape,pinching it before my tongue did its work.With my tonugue flicking up and down on her nipples,her hands went to my crotch,stroking it before I removed my pants for her.She knelt down and positioned my dick on my breast.Squeezing her breast on my dick and licked the tip of my dick during the process.Groaning due to the fact that she was good at it,and was controlling my urge to cum at the same time.

Once she was "done",she removed her shorts and panties only to be surprised that there is a vibrator on the panties.With her back facing me,I inserted my dick into her vagina slowly and started fucking her.Increasing my pace,with my balls constantly slapping her butt.Reaching my limit not long after that,and slowly pulled it out of her.Cumming on her butt after that.Helping her up and she gave a smile.She took her panties and started wiping it on my dick.Wearing her panties back after that with her juices and my cum.We wore back our clothes and pants/shorts and decided it to call it a day.We packed up and left the lab after that.

Receiving her whatsapp message not long after that,with a image attached.I opened and saw her panties soaked with her juices and my cum stain on it.