Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Peek a boo

Saw a shop that sells her panties online. She's selling at $40. Maybe I should try too... 

Just a peek a boo :) 

Friday, 13 December 2013


Now I need to start finding a new good bf all over again. :( prefer someone like him still. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Period sex

Sorry for the lack of updates cause I have been busy setting up an online apparel shop... It's really a lot of work I realised. And the returns ain't big either. Me and my partner are already thinking of giving up two days after we started. :(

It's stressing me up a lot. 

Anyways I spent a 4D3N at bf's place earlier but I'm having Menses so ... I rejected his advances. However he was horny .... So eventually we did once.

 In the bathroom during our shower session together. The moment i enter the bathroom, stripped, I went down on my knees and give him a yummy blowjob. I concentrated on his head cause I couldn't take in the whole shaft inside my mouth. His dick is too big for my small mouth. And I'm glad for two things, one, his dick don't smell bad. Two, he didn't force me to take in the whole shaft either ! (Cause Mr. A would always push my head deeper and deeper) 

And then bf flipped me over into a standing doggy position and fucked me hard facing the mirror. And the showerhead was spraying on my butt while he was fucking, making a lot of splashing and water fuck sounds with every moves. 

Luckily there's no blood during the process (or maybe the water has washed away them already) and then we just bathed as per normal. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reunion of mr.J

After nine months, Somehow we ended up talking again. Because J knew abit about the medical fields and I was asking him about some personal issues... And then we talked. And ended up meeting out for a meal. After the meal, he drove me to the familiar shop that we used to patronize to have one of my favourite dessert .. .. After dessert he sent me back home but I asked if he wanna come up to my place out of courtesy. 

And he said yes. 

Anyways My back were always  aching ... And to add on to my agony, my legs are aching too cause I went for a run the day before.  And I was complaining about it to him, just like old times. And he automatically start to massage my legs for me. 

I lay my legs above his legs , while he is in a sit upright position . So somehow one of my leg is rather close with his sensitive part and that is absolutely not on purpose. And when he was massaging my sore legs , I can feel his erection growing actually. But we did not hanky panky at all. Neither did he touch anywhere elses. 

And then we started chatting happily and I teased him about some random stuff which I forgotten , and he started tickling me. (Btw I hate ticklings) and I screamed, kicked and punched him in his arm and tickle him back ! And he was protecting himself so he locked my arms to my body so I can't touch him. And then ended up with him hugging me. 

For 1 min.

Before I stopped that whole scene. 

I coughed and told him that it's late, he should probably go back. He said ok and left. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Selfie In the car

Who else is wearing black today? 
I think black is a very sexy colour. That's why my wardrobe is 50% black. Haha sneak peek of my little cute black today. And that's the seat belt and not my dress belt LOL 

Now I'm heading to Out for a couple spa massage that Mr.A booked .. Happy Sunday guys! :) 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New poll

Hi all! I just made a new poll out there at the right side of my blog. Unfortunately  for mobile users, you must view my site in the web view version for you to see and vote! 

(For mobile users: Just scroll all the way down and click on the web view/ site view/ web version link ) 

I saw from my stats that 30% of my viewer are from mobile platforms actually. So please vote regardless where you are from. & don't be shy cause the polls are completely anonymous! 

Let's see what you guys are thinking :) 

Also, I added another widget in my blog : reactions such as sexy, cool and yawns for your feedback! (Anonymous again! ) 
I'm such a nice interactive blogger. Haha

Anyway another quick update. Maybe new readers may not have know this but from one of my earliest entries featuring mr J, or also known as my previous 4 months fling... He's a typical mr nice guy btw! And he was a virgin...until he met me of course! I left him for my boyfriend eventually, cause he was pressing me for an openly rightful status . 

Anyway to cut the story short again,  I actually contacted him yesterday. 
We had an enjoyable dinner together... And we did nothing.. But somehow I kinda missed him (as a person himself) . 

Maybe I should just continue contacting him......?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

White lace on

Don't know how many of you are still reading my space here. 

It's actually a lifestyle diary more than a sex one so sometimes I don't go into details . But just a quick update. I had three amazing rounds with A yesterday. Cause I was wearing this new white Lacey panty that he got super super turned on from it. He fucked me with the panty on. Simply by opening my legs and then flipping the lace to the side so his cock can take the main entrance while the white lace watched closely beside my pussy lips. He cummed within minutes I swear. He said I'm out to seduced him entirely. 

He woke me up in the morning before work to fuck me again. Because I was sleeping in the white Lacey panty and a sleeveless white top with no bras on. 

He even smelled my panty when I took it off so I can wash my privates after sex. 
I've read about there are actually guys out there who maaturbate with ladies' panties . Are u one of them? 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Boobs> head?

Happy Saturday with A . 
This is my view when he lies on my lap. =)

P.s. On the bad side, I spent all my money in Chanel yesterday. :( 
Time to save !  

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Sugar dad: impromptu meet up

SD: finished my work, so tonight free? 
Me: sure. Ok. Meet what time?
SD: 7pm at your house downstairs. I come pick you up. 

So I just got home and haven't got a chance to rest and now I have to get up and start dolling up. Wore my white plain spaghetti tucked in firmly with a rose skirt and took the plainest looking handbag and went down.

White lancer. He's here early.

We headed over to his place and chatted awhile just like friends. And then he suggested for a shower. I suggested together? He happily agreed of course. 


So we are washing for each other. I put some passion fruit shower gel on him and myself . He started rubbing me up and down. I reciprocated by soaping his back and body and his nipples. He turn me (now my back is facing him) and he hug me with his dick in between my thighs. He went up a little and touched my pussy and slided in between the lips... And he rubbed up and down .... Since both hands of his are free, he went straight to my boobies and rubbed the slippery and soapy them. 

Then one of his hands went down and started rubbing my clit. He was definitely turning on by my soft moans cause I can feel his dick getting bigger in between my  pussy lips. His dick is the biggest I've tried on actually. The circumference is around my bf's size but this guy got the long length of mr.A 's  as well. So to cut the story short, he's very well-equipped. 

And his fingers got way faster until I was moaning and breathing heavily . There's a lot of bubble below from what I can see. And I turned to gave him a good balls massage and stroked his long dick with my small hands carefully... 

He turned on the shower head and sprayed it on my boobs. The soap bubbles are being washed down, revealing my twin peaks. He held the shower head down further and sprayed the powerful sprayhead on my pussy. 


It's pain and sensitive at the same time as the water machine lays on my clit. My clit was really getting aroused and red while my pussy is abit swollen with blood gushing down ... He seems to enjoyed the view of me like this.

 I moaned louder... The shower head is spraying directly onto my clit ... It's so sensitive.... Till I was actually trebling a little from the intense spray.... 

Back on to the bed, he put on the condom and I went on top of him to let him suck my nipples. He was sucking so hard today.... I moaned into his ears. 

I was a little  wet actually. Not totally but he easily slide his big manhood in and I screamed " yr dick is so big " "ahhh" uncontrollably before forcing my pussy to devour them inside. I forced myself to adjust to his length and rode him like a hungry for big dick whore. All the way till he moaned loudly and cum into the tight rubber. 

We washed up again before he sent me back home. 

-the end- 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A quickie

Fell passionately into two rounds of sex before we head out for late dinner at 9pm ... After dinner we were strolling around the neighborhood hands in hands, feeling like a old married couple. 
No doubts he loves me. 
But do I really love him? 

Back into A's car I suddenly lean over to driver seat and kissed him. The way we started... That passionate wet kiss... And then his cock seemed to recharge with battery and the very next thing he did was enroute and sped back to his house. 

The moment we got home we started peeling off each other clothes and had a quickie (third round) and pumped like rabbits before he sent me back home again. 

How was your Sunday night? :] 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

To do list (oct)

- buy bf some presents 

- buy new bikini 

- pay bills 

- hari raya holiday sex ( coming tues) 

- meet sugar daddy 

P.s. My previous post on : " First photo " features my boyfriend.
 While the recent post on "careless kiss" is Mr. A. 

:) hope it clarifies readers. :) 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sugar daddy

Something that none of my partners know. And yet I'm sharing here the first. I actually had a sugar daddy. Not so much of a daddy cause he's 38, but there's just the age gap there no matter what. 

That's months ago actually. Before I got to know A . After I met A, and we progressed till now, I haven't been meeting my SD . And he's very patient and nice to me despite months of not seeing me. We usually will just text once in a while when I'm free and alone at home. (Which is rarely cause of A ) ( A is very sticky and possessive ) 

I think I need to meet him soon. I saw a Chanel earring at Chanel taka yesterday . Hahaha jk. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Teacher teacher

A: you know I kinda like role playing right? 

Me: yep. Is that a hint? 

A: haha maybe we should buy costume to try ... I like nurse, teacher, student.... 

Me: hahahaha typical man ! 

... The next day... 

I whipped up a good Chinese dinner for A when he came back from work .... He was very satisfied with the delicious meal I cooked.... And was sleepy after dinner so I suggested I go over his place ...

Meanwhile I have already packed my bag... An hour earlier I opened my wardrobe and searched for any likely outfit which can be deemed as school girl uniform. 

Luckily I found somewhat can be substituted as a school outfit which looks like this: 

seems like those u can see from Japanese porn isn't? Lol 

Anyways I brought the outfit to his place and waited till he showers.... And I quickly change into the student attire and start flipping the thick reference financial books he had on his desk. The skirt I was wearing was so short that I had to stand up . (There's no panty underneath it as well) and I tied up my hair into a pony tail. 

After 10mins, he's out of the shower... And was very surprised to see a naughty student loitering at his desk. ;) 

A: wow where did you get this outfit? 

Me: teacher teacher ... I don't know how to do your homework at all... :( 

A: why didn't you listen in class? Now I have to give you some remedial lessons then... 

Me: I'm sorry ... Ok I will be attentive this time. 

A: you still deserve to be punish first.

Me: pls teacher A.... 

A: why are u wearing such a short skirt? 

Me: ... 

A: bend down now. 

Me: teacher! Why??

A: I have to spank you for that. You don't have any discipline at all! 

And teacher A held me down and landed a heavy smack on my butt. I wailed... He continued and gave several smacks on my buttocks, which eventually reddens... 

He slided a finger into my pussy, and realized it's glistening wet... 

A: "& your remedial lesson starts now."

He finger fucked me rapidly till I was panting and asked him to stop. He held my hands behind and continues while I'm feeling very helpless as I can't see what he will do to me.  Hence I'm super wet below thinking of such thoughts in my head...

He then flipped me over and I looked at him innocently.... He went down and licked my juicy hole. He continues "painting" it with his skillful tongue. 

Me: "Hmmm... Ahh... Teacher pls... Stop it.. What if other student knows? " 

Mr A : "It's after school and I already locked my door " 

" now get up and I am teaching u something. Do u know what is a bj? "

I shaked my head obediently. 

Mr A: " now place yr mouth on top here (points to his dickhead) and suck it like a candy. " 

I went over and tried it. He then instructed me to suck up and down the growing dick. I did according to what I was told. He smacked my butt again and moaned. I moaned too. The spankings sting but made me so aroused... 

He couldn't control anymore and asked me to lie down on the bed. He placed a pillow below my butt to elevate it higher and grabbed my hands under his hands so I cannot move anywhere. Without any warning, he slided his erected dick into me and pumped hard right away! I moaned so loud and I can see his face full of enjoyment too. His dick was totally immersed into my wetness.

I screamed and asked teacher A to stop, but he threatened to tell my mum about my misbehaviour.... 

He went missionary all the way on me and ended up with his cum in my innocent sweet face. 

"Now you will be good. " Mr A said. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Hate snores!!

Just had breakfast with A at 6am cause I woke him up. Reason: he snores way too loud for me to sleep. 

And no, we didn't had sex last night at my place cause we are out of condoms. It's scary how fast we are out of condoms again. We just bought the pack of 12 last week!  

Anyways after breakfast he went for work while I travel down to bf Hse to continue my beauty sleep. It's good that bf don't snore at all ;)))) love him.

P.s. Got three ulcers inside my mouth. It's soooo painful that I can't really speak clearly sometimes. :( 
like " sad " becomes " shad" ,
 or " same" becoming " shame" lolll

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Make up sex with bf

Well title says it all. I was planning to stay over at bf's place. But he was busy with his stuff and we fought ....  

Anyways I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and tugged myself into the warm blankets. Then bf came to hug me like a polar bear. Lol we kissed. 

Anyways he grabbed my boobs and reached for the sensitive nipple of mine. Rubbed till they were standing for him. He held my hands down till I touched his massive erection. And I slowly stroked it. It is as big as before.  And he slowly peeled off my pajamas till I was fully naked and feeling hot. He undressed himself and placed his finger outside my asshole. He begun rubbing and made me hornier... While my pussy pot juice slowly flowed down to my asshole, making it wet. He slide up his finger to my clit and back down to the pussy and then to the aas and back up again. It's super sensational!! All guys should try it on yr partner!! It definitely will leave the girl feeling super horny and begging you to fuck her. 

That was bf purpose too. Lol
I whispered to him to stop as I'm so wet and ready already. But he's still taking his own sweet time... He said: "so what do u want?  I want you to beg " 

I gave his dick a squeeze and was stroking up and down rapidly. He slided one finger into my wet asshole. I screamed in ecstasy. It really drive me crazy when my both honey holes were stimulated... I gave in.

" master... Pls fuck me ... Pls... "

Monday, 23 September 2013


Actually I still love my bf. It's habit, it's years , it's commitments, it's family, it's promise, it's a vow soon. 

Like how I mention I wanna break up with my bf to my parents.... And both of them ended up scolding me for being crazy and overthinking. Just like how he tell his family and they will scold him too. 

His mum / my mil, treats me really well too. 

Ahhhhh I'm still not ready to give up everything I had build up with bf now. Not for any other person yet. 

I can't even say " I love you " to A . But I can easily say it to bf . Does it shows who I love now? Even though I enjoyed the company of A.... But just not enough to make me end everything yet. 

Ahh but I'm such a flirt :( 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hi MondayA

No Monday blues today cause I got a special surprise!!! 

So happy A didn't go work today but pretended he did so that he went out to take mc.... Sooo happy cause We are still having flu and he made such sweet effort to stay in and look after me. :))))

He came back secretly at 11am and crept into (his) bedroom in which I'm still sleeping btw. And planted many many kisses on my sleepy face . And bought breakfast for me. And we are going to spend the whole day cuddling in bed next. 

I am indeed in a cheery mood today! :D

On the other side, I'm supposed to go over to bf place today, but we had a fight last night :( so I didn't wanna go over to face him anymore. Luckily I didn't go over, cause I forgot that Monday night I have to teach! 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekends with A

A is sleeping beside me now. Now we are spending every weekends together cause we are sticky like that. lol and we are going out later tonight. 

We just had a great session which drained him completely. He licked my thigh all the way up till my sensitive clit and worked his way there till I orgasmed. And today, he commented that I'm sooooo wet. Indeed I wet the bed sheet with my sweet honey pot juice. Haha and he rolled over a condom ( hate the latex smell btw) and fucked me hard while kissing and sucking my nipple again and again. It's still standing now actually. Super sore. And after his first shot in the condom, he didn't take out his cock but continued pumping ... Which surprisingly made him cum the second time inside , all in the first round. Haha and he took out his condom and went down to lick my used juices. I was abit scare that there will be rubbery smell if he tasted them after sex. But he didn't complain. 

Awesome or what. But he's fast asleep now like a pig. Lol

Anyways anyone has any recommendations on which condom brand(s) or name(s) that has/have no latex rubbery smell? I don't like that smell. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Guide to man boobs

My friend sent me this: haha have a great  Friday everyone :) 


I had just see A to work this morning and I'm back home sleeping now. And now that I'm awake, I'm counting down to the hours he finishes his work so we can see each other again. He's still not tired of seeing me so so so regularly . And myself, I wanna see him everyday too. 

Maybe it's just the "honeymoon period" for us. After that phase, maybe we will be as stagnant and boring as my bf and I are now. . Right ? 

P.s. just updated on my last last post on Sunday sexacape with le bf. :) enjoy reading! 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sad Wednesday

Last night I admit to A that I had sex with bf on sun which I lied to him that I didn't entirely  for this month. I just don't want him to be sad.... 

Anyways we had a fight last night.  And he wanted to leave me now. 

Cause I lied to him. 


Monday, 16 September 2013

Sexacape with bf

Still down with flu. But last night was super sexciting. With my bf somemore. Lol. 
 Actually I always feel that things between us are getting boring and boring. But there's always the love that keeps us going... 

Anyways Sunday night, we had a date to a live band pub. So I dressed up really sexily with a mini tube top that showed my overflowing boobs and a tight bandage skirt to go with it. We met at the station and his eyes was glued totally glued to my hot body. He gave me a kiss and whispered into my ears: "my cock stand already" hahaha 

To be continued :) 

And so we headed to the pub after walking for some long distance. On thw way there. We actually fought over a lame stuff and got quite pissed with each other. Sad things aside, eventually we made up and had the meal there and ended it with couple of beers and vodkas. 

Thumbs up for the live band though, it certainly adds up the ambience. 

So we left the pub and boyfee turned to me and said he wanna fuck me in public. Whatttttt!! 

We used to that adventurous when we were younger  like when im 18,19. Lol shy!!! Which is another whole old stories to be told some other day. 

So back to the falling night, we walked and walked trying to find a place to have fun. We ended up in a park nearby, and we climbed up the long flight of stairs which made me pretty exhausted. We actually spotted a malay couple hugging intimately while looking for our turn. Looked like the girl just finished her bj. Hahaha 

But anyways, we settled for the public toilet in the end. We went into the males' handicap cubicle and he kissed me immediately after locking the door. He went up my skirt and took down my panty like a victory. Lol. 
 Not losing out, I went down and unbutton his jeans. And gave him a good licking and sucking till he was moaning and caressing my head. I looked at him seductively and suck his glorious cock. It sure is bigger than I actually remembered. Or maybe it's comparatively bigger and thicker than A's . As usual, it's hard to devour his whole cock into my small mouth. 

Then he signaled me to rise and kissed me again while grabbing my boobies. He turned me over and positioned me into a standing doggy. And he slided his cock in . Hmmmmmmmmmawhhh 
It's freaking huge and I'm getting wetter by each thrust. My juices just keep flowing out like Im a slut and really wanting this. I can hear my sweet juices' sounds while he fucked me to cloud nine. By then, I was getting hornier and  moaning non stop . It's so huge. 

He flipped me over and now I'm facing him. He brought my right leg up and entered me at one go just like this. Damn skillful. (No need to find hole like how A does. Lol ) 

Needless to say, he fucked me senseless in that position. I open my leg and lifted my right leg higher till I can rest it on top of the toilet paper holder. He was impressed by my flexibility and fucked me even harder .... Until he felt the urge to cum out. He released me and moaned hard, and cummed all over the toilet floor. We used the toilet paper to cover up and I semi wiped it . 

We cleaned up and left the park .

(Which I didn't wore my panty back ) 

And we are waitin for cab now. 

A cab was super easy to find cause we were at CBD area.... Anyways we went in and gave the address. He asked me to sit closer to him. ... 

He hugged me initially . Then his hands roammed down to my skirt.... and went into my pussy which was already wet from thinking of his kinkiness. Usually I will put my bag in front of me on my lap, so now it's actually a good cover up.  

He slided his finger in and brushed my clit the way I liked it :) it's so kinky and couldn't moan out. Imagine my horniness! And his fingers went on and on all the way till we reached his place. 

When we reached, he lifted up my tight skirt to have a glimpse of how wet I am from his naughty foreplay. Seeing how extremely wet i was ... he fucked me again with his giant manhood. ;) 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sick Sunday

My timezone in seemed pretty messed up. It's Sunday now btw. At least in my world. 

I hate Sunday. Sunday means Monday is coming. :( super hate when A has to leave for work in the early morning!

Anyways I'm sick now, caught a bad flu and a splitting headache on my left side of the head. . But A came over to take care of me rather than my bf. He slept over A my place last night... although we did had One round of gentle sex.... cause we were playing an ipad versus game. and loser must lick. Well... As a matter of fact, he lost. Hence, down south he went... I orgasmed from his foreplay twice until I stopped him from licking and begged him to put his cock in. Then we fucked raw and gently.... He cummed onto my stomach which wasn't alot. Maybe because its the 5th round since Saturday. I must have drained him. ;p

On a side note, he's been really nice to me. But maybe because we are not together yet? Guys usually change once they have the girl. Right? 

My bf ? He's out with his friends till morning and is still sleepin now. 

I really hate him sometimes. Zzz 

Friday, 13 September 2013

3 rounds , 3 hours. (A)

3 rounds with A tonight. 

We started from 9pm when he reached home from work and fucked till 12 midnight. We went for supper. And so I stayed over at his place tonight again. 

Not to mention how much he licked... Now my pussy is beyond sore. 

He told me he wanna lick it every night. 

Well. I can't wait.  ;) 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Sometimes I hope things are reversed. 

My fling is the bf now . 

& My real boyfriend is A . 

That will make so much more sense. 
Don't you agree? 

1: bf , 2: A

Last night I came back from bf place and went to find A immediately straight when I reached home. 

I miss him. Basically he's a nice companion too. Not sure if I regard him as my fling actually.  So I was over at his place in no time. And I bathed there, which eventually leads to something hot and steamy after I bathed out.... Actually I didn't went over to A's for sex. I went over cause I missed him. But still it leads us to something more every time we kissed ... 

Except when he's licking me during foreplay, he commented on how sore my pussy looks.... 

He came alot . All over my body and some got onto his pillow and the bed sheets. I love to have his hot cum all over me. 

I didn't tempt him into a second round cause I'm really sore. I'm always sore from bf's. he's so huge

Monday, 9 September 2013

Last night.

Spent two nights over at A's place. I don't like it that he sleeps with fans on instead of Aircon. :( I'm very used to sleeping with air con!!! :( 

Apart from that, we had 4 rounds within the 2 nights. He's very gentle with me till i had to ask him to be less gentle on bed. I whispered into his ears: " fuck me like a slut " and he went wild and fuck me with his might. 

Well. Honestly, even with all his might, he still loses to bf's. We only tried out a few positions till now. He like it best when both legs are up at his shoulders, and he inserts deeply inside me like I'm doing a yoga move. Lol...

Oh, our foreplay last night was great. He licked me till my clit is sore and pink . It lasted for about 10 mins and I pushed his head down and he obediently lapped his way out for another 10mins. Awesome skills he got there. ;)  I actually orgasmed twice from it... When I was orgasming and screaming, he placed another finger into my pussy and ff me real hard . I orgasmed another time. 

Then we had raw sex. (I just ended my period so I think it's rather safe? ) 
He asked if he could cum on my pretty face. I agreed. 
He held back his orgasm several times for that. He said to build up more protein for me. Lol . Yes, he did cum alot on my face last night. When he sprayed on my face I was shocked and hungry for his warm big load. Hmmmm I'm getting wet from recalling it. It was all over my face and hair. It definitely won't be the last time I'm gonna let him cum on my face. :)

P.s. my Bf still deserves best sex award though he aims to please himself more than me. He knows me best, he fucks me best. 

Friday, 6 September 2013


I feel very guilty suddenly.... I feel like ending my fling relationship with guy A because I actually did feel something more for him than the rest..... How? :( 

Do you think I should? 

But things have been going really well between us ... And I was afraid that it might get out of hands one day... We had 4 raw sessions one horny night . .. 

And I did feel something more than just physical...... 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Guy A

Whom is my current fling. He is such amazing licker. He gets super turned on by my moans and pantings. Especially if my moans slowly turn into gasps and pantings..... 

Today, after our rounds, He said he wanna marry me . 

I went blank. 

Anyways I find him attractive when he's serious. I like to mess around with him and make him jealous all the time :p 

I made him jealous by saying I masturbated to a hot guy I knew online. When he saw me, he was angry and jealous but I kissed him passionately and moved down to his sensitive nipples. I licked and licked till they stand. 

He's delicious. 

But he was still angry . He pushed his dick into my mouth. And fucked my mouth hard. I felt helpless and horny while he grabbed my hair and pushed deeper into my throat. I can literally taste his precum in the back of my throat.... 

And he turned me around and fuck me twice . 

Bf problem

Bf has a big ego and a big dick. Lol 
He loves it when I suck his manhood like a kitten. But bad thing is he doesn't like to return the favour by licking me back. :( he find that as a big man, he shouldn't do such stuff. I don't know how and why and where he got this idea from. 

I actually like being licked .... Oh gosh I'm wet from thinking about another guy, A, who is a very skillful licker. Mmmmmm 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guy L (3)


Nearer to my house... He drove into a darker lane.

I did not question him why... 

He came to a halt and parked his car. He turned to me and started kissing me. 

Indeed, how vulnerable can one be when meeting an ex-puppy-love-boyfriend ? 

I did not stop him. But I asked about his girlfriend because he was attached actually. He did not answer all my questions and wanted me to stop talking about her. He said he missed me and that's all it matters.... 

Then we kissed... Then... With tongues... And his hands wandered around.... 

He asked if we could go backseat of the car to talk. And foolishly, I actually followed. Once we were at the back, the rough kissing continued. I saw his erection very clearly and figured that maybe we should stop right away.

I pushed him back a little, enough to send a clear message that we should stop here, but instead of stopping, he travelled up and groped my majestic breast.... while keeping my mouth and tongues very occupied with his frenching. 

Quickly (or should i say skillfully?), he started undressing my top. I'm wearing a skirt below by the way. It's getting way too hot at the back... 

He removed my bra and dived straight into my two melons. Uncontrollably, I let out a gasp. He sucked the nips hard enough while taking off his pants and his hands were roaming down south this time. I wondered how all these things can happen so fast, at the same time suddenly.... 

His abs were sexy. hmmm...

before I could react to anything more, he pinned me down the back seat till I was lying down flat. He sucked my nip gently and switched between the two. 

L*: " wow your boobs are really big. It's so soft too. " 

I blushed. He carried on with his business while his hands went into my skirt, into my little panty. 

He rolled a condom on ( obviously came prepared) and his fingers did not stop at all. By then I was already pretty wet. Wet because of all the excitement in the car, rather than super horny kinda wet. But anyways I WAS wet. And he climbed on top of me and slided into my skirt easily ... 

The moves weren't all at sync but were quite violent. So still acceptable. Cant expect much from a ONS... 

(Well... I'm all into  rough sex. )

Guy Joe (1)

(Happened in 2012) 

We were at a group outing for the first time. It's for an event which I don't wanna disclose. But to cut the story short, We were divided into groups of 30 people. So basically it's 15 females and 15 males in a group. Then there will be games and activities where groups compete with each other. 

Side note// At the event day itself, I was on bad terms with my BF, we quarreled and broke up the previous day before the event day. Out of anger, both of us didn't contact each other at all that day. //

Joe* saw me for the first time. & He liked me instantly. (He told me later on when we were together) He mentioned that I'm his "type" of girl and was eyeing on me the whole event. I hope it doesn't sound creepy here, cause it really wasn't! He likes girl with light make up on, and I was that day, with long sleeve and a dull shorts. But he was attracted to this kinda natural beauty. Non fake, non pretentious. 

I was doing rather well in the group games but I due to my shy personality, I didn't get to know the majority of guys in my group. I only knew 2 guys by the end of the day. and of course I didn't know his existence at all yet. 

So the event day ended. 

2 days later, our contact list with our phone numbers were uploaded on Facebook and tagged by the organizers. 

And Joe went to search all the girls in the list to get to know which exactly is my name in the long list.... And his efforts paid off. He got my number too. 

I didn't accept his request in Facebook cause I barely knew him at all. And he texted me the day after... 

I was still having fighting texts with my BF till now. And I received Joe's text . 

But i ignored it. 

Fights continued (but in my heart I'm just hoping for his text every single seconds) and he was hostile and cold to me by the next 3 days. 

Out to spite him, I replied Joe (3 days after he texted me) . 

He was baffled by my reply, but happy at the same time and we texted pretty much that day.

Strangely he did not asked me if I'm single or attached while we are chatting... He then asked me out for a date. And by then, BF was still not eager to get back or shown any signs of remorsefulness. So I agreed. 

We lived quite far apart and he cannot find my place so he was late ( despite the fact that he left house an hour earlier on purpose) but maybe because I gave unclear address :x 

Turned out he was really shy . Like even shyer than me. He didn't really dare to look into my eyes. He brought me to a french restaurant and we got to know each other further from the dinner. Like how he knows I don't eat clams from it. He said he enjoyed my company alot. 

Guy L (2)

(Btw this happens in 2011) 

We went out to a nearby mall to catch a movie. On our way there , there's a beggar begging on the floor, he took out his wallet and gave a $10 note generously to him. I was quite impressed by his move cause I usually only give $2. And I have him a smile and he held my hands. It felt so wrong. He said he missed me. (He had a gf back then too)

I let go of his hands and we proceed to the cinema. In the theatre, he suddenly turned towards me and hugged me. I rejected, but he said " don't, let me hug you.  I miss you. "  

He kissed me inside the darkness. I forgot what movie was showing back then. 

When we came out, we had jap food and then Haagen Dazs for dessert. He fed me ice cream and wiped my mouth for me. I feel extremely uncomfortable by his gesture. It's too weird for him to behave like this. 

He sent me back.. 

On the way home.... He held my hands all the way in the car ...

When we got home, we continued chatting in MSN....

Then the following week, he suggested another meet up. We had dinner together and chit chats... 

Nearer to my house, he drove into a darker lane....  (To be continue) 

Guy L (1)

I met this guy L* since we were in secondary school. He's popular with the girls whilst I'm desperately trying to get his attention on me during those days. 

He plays basketball, is short but fit. He's also good with words and naturally girls will all flock around him all the time. 

Obviously I had a big crush on him and somehow we got closer as friends.... And maybe a little too close for a friend. Sometimes he will hug me when there's no one around and we will hold hands to the bus stop after school. But everything between us were really innocent and sweet at that time. But those happy times don't last eventually and I also found out that my best friend liked him. It turns out it was mutual and soon enough, they got together & I drifted away from both my best friend and him. ( they broke up after 6 months though) 

At the point of time, we were so immature, and these are all just puppy love to me now. 

Soon, we both graduate from secondary schools and went on separate ways... 

I remember at that period, it's the MSN period... I plucked up all my courage and added him into my chat list.... 

So we started talking on and off sometimes. 

Two years passed ...

(Msn still popular cause there's no whatsapp yet) 

L: hi!! 

Me: oh hi. 

L: how are you? 

Me: good as usual. 

(Some catching up news and updates about him ) 

L: it's been so long since we met la. Don't u go out with any secondary school friends? Yesterday I just went out with *thomas, (a mutual friend) 
Why not we video chat? 

Me: ok sure 
L: this weekend free? Wanna meet for a movie? It's really long since we last met..... 

Me: huh. I think will awkward since we haven't meet for so long already. 

L: won't la. Trust me. I miss you leh.  I drive my new Audi come pick u. 

Me: ok... 

BF (1)

Let me start with the most important person. 

My BF. 

We have been together for x years and beside the usual small, regular quarrels throughout the relationship, we love each other deeply actually. 

I love him alot too. 

But . 

He's quite violent when he gets angry. But he toned down on that alot nowadays. So I don't wanna elaborate further. His temper used to be very bad.... And for the past years I've always tolerated every thing I faced. 

To him, I'm a kind hearted, tolerating gf. That why sometimes he tends to go over the line with me. Which is usually resolved by his "sorry" later on. And I always, forgive him without fail. 

Sex... Sex with him is rough and romantic at the same time.. His foreplay wasn't all that good though and he's those kind of guy who expect more than he returns. But he wears me out everytime. He has a huge d* too. 

He's not from a wealthy background and his family treats me very well which I'm really appreciative of. Sometimes I realized I forgive him many times due to his family's love for me. 

He is a heck care BF. & that explains why I get a lot freedom in this relationship... He's always busy with friends or his own hobbies. He's not a family guy (unlike me) and I don't like that fact.  To add on, he is not that caring boyfriend every girl wishes to have. He cares more about himself and do not prioritize me. 

E.g. Today, We can agree on catching a particular movie on the next week.

But coincidently the next day, his friends ask him out for that movie (we agreed on watching together) and he will still watch with them. And then texted me that next week's movie is cancelled. 

Still, I know this is the only guy I can't let go of. 


I'm in my twenties, quite petite, love dolling up and have a boyfriend (BF) of x years, and started this blog to confess things that have been kept inside me for some time... 

I had a few affairs before.... in which I will slowly unveil and pen it down here. 

It's personal and intimate, so if you are a self-righteous person or an underage, please exit this blog immediately. 

Thank you.