Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Hate snores!!

Just had breakfast with A at 6am cause I woke him up. Reason: he snores way too loud for me to sleep. 

And no, we didn't had sex last night at my place cause we are out of condoms. It's scary how fast we are out of condoms again. We just bought the pack of 12 last week!  

Anyways after breakfast he went for work while I travel down to bf Hse to continue my beauty sleep. It's good that bf don't snore at all ;)))) love him.

P.s. Got three ulcers inside my mouth. It's soooo painful that I can't really speak clearly sometimes. :( 
like " sad " becomes " shad" ,
 or " same" becoming " shame" lolll

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Make up sex with bf

Well title says it all. I was planning to stay over at bf's place. But he was busy with his stuff and we fought ....  

Anyways I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and tugged myself into the warm blankets. Then bf came to hug me like a polar bear. Lol we kissed. 

Anyways he grabbed my boobs and reached for the sensitive nipple of mine. Rubbed till they were standing for him. He held my hands down till I touched his massive erection. And I slowly stroked it. It is as big as before.  And he slowly peeled off my pajamas till I was fully naked and feeling hot. He undressed himself and placed his finger outside my asshole. He begun rubbing and made me hornier... While my pussy pot juice slowly flowed down to my asshole, making it wet. He slide up his finger to my clit and back down to the pussy and then to the aas and back up again. It's super sensational!! All guys should try it on yr partner!! It definitely will leave the girl feeling super horny and begging you to fuck her. 

That was bf purpose too. Lol
I whispered to him to stop as I'm so wet and ready already. But he's still taking his own sweet time... He said: "so what do u want?  I want you to beg " 

I gave his dick a squeeze and was stroking up and down rapidly. He slided one finger into my wet asshole. I screamed in ecstasy. It really drive me crazy when my both honey holes were stimulated... I gave in.

" master... Pls fuck me ... Pls... "

Monday, 23 September 2013


Actually I still love my bf. It's habit, it's years , it's commitments, it's family, it's promise, it's a vow soon. 

Like how I mention I wanna break up with my bf to my parents.... And both of them ended up scolding me for being crazy and overthinking. Just like how he tell his family and they will scold him too. 

His mum / my mil, treats me really well too. 

Ahhhhh I'm still not ready to give up everything I had build up with bf now. Not for any other person yet. 

I can't even say " I love you " to A . But I can easily say it to bf . Does it shows who I love now? Even though I enjoyed the company of A.... But just not enough to make me end everything yet. 

Ahh but I'm such a flirt :( 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hi MondayA

No Monday blues today cause I got a special surprise!!! 

So happy A didn't go work today but pretended he did so that he went out to take mc.... Sooo happy cause We are still having flu and he made such sweet effort to stay in and look after me. :))))

He came back secretly at 11am and crept into (his) bedroom in which I'm still sleeping btw. And planted many many kisses on my sleepy face . And bought breakfast for me. And we are going to spend the whole day cuddling in bed next. 

I am indeed in a cheery mood today! :D

On the other side, I'm supposed to go over to bf place today, but we had a fight last night :( so I didn't wanna go over to face him anymore. Luckily I didn't go over, cause I forgot that Monday night I have to teach! 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekends with A

A is sleeping beside me now. Now we are spending every weekends together cause we are sticky like that. lol and we are going out later tonight. 

We just had a great session which drained him completely. He licked my thigh all the way up till my sensitive clit and worked his way there till I orgasmed. And today, he commented that I'm sooooo wet. Indeed I wet the bed sheet with my sweet honey pot juice. Haha and he rolled over a condom ( hate the latex smell btw) and fucked me hard while kissing and sucking my nipple again and again. It's still standing now actually. Super sore. And after his first shot in the condom, he didn't take out his cock but continued pumping ... Which surprisingly made him cum the second time inside , all in the first round. Haha and he took out his condom and went down to lick my used juices. I was abit scare that there will be rubbery smell if he tasted them after sex. But he didn't complain. 

Awesome or what. But he's fast asleep now like a pig. Lol

Anyways anyone has any recommendations on which condom brand(s) or name(s) that has/have no latex rubbery smell? I don't like that smell. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Guide to man boobs

My friend sent me this: haha have a great  Friday everyone :) 


I had just see A to work this morning and I'm back home sleeping now. And now that I'm awake, I'm counting down to the hours he finishes his work so we can see each other again. He's still not tired of seeing me so so so regularly . And myself, I wanna see him everyday too. 

Maybe it's just the "honeymoon period" for us. After that phase, maybe we will be as stagnant and boring as my bf and I are now. . Right ? 

P.s. just updated on my last last post on Sunday sexacape with le bf. :) enjoy reading! 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sad Wednesday

Last night I admit to A that I had sex with bf on sun which I lied to him that I didn't entirely  for this month. I just don't want him to be sad.... 

Anyways we had a fight last night.  And he wanted to leave me now. 

Cause I lied to him. 


Monday, 16 September 2013

Sexacape with bf

Still down with flu. But last night was super sexciting. With my bf somemore. Lol. 
 Actually I always feel that things between us are getting boring and boring. But there's always the love that keeps us going... 

Anyways Sunday night, we had a date to a live band pub. So I dressed up really sexily with a mini tube top that showed my overflowing boobs and a tight bandage skirt to go with it. We met at the station and his eyes was glued totally glued to my hot body. He gave me a kiss and whispered into my ears: "my cock stand already" hahaha 

To be continued :) 

And so we headed to the pub after walking for some long distance. On thw way there. We actually fought over a lame stuff and got quite pissed with each other. Sad things aside, eventually we made up and had the meal there and ended it with couple of beers and vodkas. 

Thumbs up for the live band though, it certainly adds up the ambience. 

So we left the pub and boyfee turned to me and said he wanna fuck me in public. Whatttttt!! 

We used to that adventurous when we were younger  like when im 18,19. Lol shy!!! Which is another whole old stories to be told some other day. 

So back to the falling night, we walked and walked trying to find a place to have fun. We ended up in a park nearby, and we climbed up the long flight of stairs which made me pretty exhausted. We actually spotted a malay couple hugging intimately while looking for our turn. Looked like the girl just finished her bj. Hahaha 

But anyways, we settled for the public toilet in the end. We went into the males' handicap cubicle and he kissed me immediately after locking the door. He went up my skirt and took down my panty like a victory. Lol. 
 Not losing out, I went down and unbutton his jeans. And gave him a good licking and sucking till he was moaning and caressing my head. I looked at him seductively and suck his glorious cock. It sure is bigger than I actually remembered. Or maybe it's comparatively bigger and thicker than A's . As usual, it's hard to devour his whole cock into my small mouth. 

Then he signaled me to rise and kissed me again while grabbing my boobies. He turned me over and positioned me into a standing doggy. And he slided his cock in . Hmmmmmmmmmawhhh 
It's freaking huge and I'm getting wetter by each thrust. My juices just keep flowing out like Im a slut and really wanting this. I can hear my sweet juices' sounds while he fucked me to cloud nine. By then, I was getting hornier and  moaning non stop . It's so huge. 

He flipped me over and now I'm facing him. He brought my right leg up and entered me at one go just like this. Damn skillful. (No need to find hole like how A does. Lol ) 

Needless to say, he fucked me senseless in that position. I open my leg and lifted my right leg higher till I can rest it on top of the toilet paper holder. He was impressed by my flexibility and fucked me even harder .... Until he felt the urge to cum out. He released me and moaned hard, and cummed all over the toilet floor. We used the toilet paper to cover up and I semi wiped it . 

We cleaned up and left the park .

(Which I didn't wore my panty back ) 

And we are waitin for cab now. 

A cab was super easy to find cause we were at CBD area.... Anyways we went in and gave the address. He asked me to sit closer to him. ... 

He hugged me initially . Then his hands roammed down to my skirt.... and went into my pussy which was already wet from thinking of his kinkiness. Usually I will put my bag in front of me on my lap, so now it's actually a good cover up.  

He slided his finger in and brushed my clit the way I liked it :) it's so kinky and couldn't moan out. Imagine my horniness! And his fingers went on and on all the way till we reached his place. 

When we reached, he lifted up my tight skirt to have a glimpse of how wet I am from his naughty foreplay. Seeing how extremely wet i was ... he fucked me again with his giant manhood. ;) 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sick Sunday

My timezone in seemed pretty messed up. It's Sunday now btw. At least in my world. 

I hate Sunday. Sunday means Monday is coming. :( super hate when A has to leave for work in the early morning!

Anyways I'm sick now, caught a bad flu and a splitting headache on my left side of the head. . But A came over to take care of me rather than my bf. He slept over A my place last night... although we did had One round of gentle sex.... cause we were playing an ipad versus game. and loser must lick. Well... As a matter of fact, he lost. Hence, down south he went... I orgasmed from his foreplay twice until I stopped him from licking and begged him to put his cock in. Then we fucked raw and gently.... He cummed onto my stomach which wasn't alot. Maybe because its the 5th round since Saturday. I must have drained him. ;p

On a side note, he's been really nice to me. But maybe because we are not together yet? Guys usually change once they have the girl. Right? 

My bf ? He's out with his friends till morning and is still sleepin now. 

I really hate him sometimes. Zzz 

Friday, 13 September 2013

3 rounds , 3 hours. (A)

3 rounds with A tonight. 

We started from 9pm when he reached home from work and fucked till 12 midnight. We went for supper. And so I stayed over at his place tonight again. 

Not to mention how much he licked... Now my pussy is beyond sore. 

He told me he wanna lick it every night. 

Well. I can't wait.  ;) 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Sometimes I hope things are reversed. 

My fling is the bf now . 

& My real boyfriend is A . 

That will make so much more sense. 
Don't you agree? 

1: bf , 2: A

Last night I came back from bf place and went to find A immediately straight when I reached home. 

I miss him. Basically he's a nice companion too. Not sure if I regard him as my fling actually.  So I was over at his place in no time. And I bathed there, which eventually leads to something hot and steamy after I bathed out.... Actually I didn't went over to A's for sex. I went over cause I missed him. But still it leads us to something more every time we kissed ... 

Except when he's licking me during foreplay, he commented on how sore my pussy looks.... 

He came alot . All over my body and some got onto his pillow and the bed sheets. I love to have his hot cum all over me. 

I didn't tempt him into a second round cause I'm really sore. I'm always sore from bf's. he's so huge

Monday, 9 September 2013

Last night.

Spent two nights over at A's place. I don't like it that he sleeps with fans on instead of Aircon. :( I'm very used to sleeping with air con!!! :( 

Apart from that, we had 4 rounds within the 2 nights. He's very gentle with me till i had to ask him to be less gentle on bed. I whispered into his ears: " fuck me like a slut " and he went wild and fuck me with his might. 

Well. Honestly, even with all his might, he still loses to bf's. We only tried out a few positions till now. He like it best when both legs are up at his shoulders, and he inserts deeply inside me like I'm doing a yoga move. Lol...

Oh, our foreplay last night was great. He licked me till my clit is sore and pink . It lasted for about 10 mins and I pushed his head down and he obediently lapped his way out for another 10mins. Awesome skills he got there. ;)  I actually orgasmed twice from it... When I was orgasming and screaming, he placed another finger into my pussy and ff me real hard . I orgasmed another time. 

Then we had raw sex. (I just ended my period so I think it's rather safe? ) 
He asked if he could cum on my pretty face. I agreed. 
He held back his orgasm several times for that. He said to build up more protein for me. Lol . Yes, he did cum alot on my face last night. When he sprayed on my face I was shocked and hungry for his warm big load. Hmmmm I'm getting wet from recalling it. It was all over my face and hair. It definitely won't be the last time I'm gonna let him cum on my face. :)

P.s. my Bf still deserves best sex award though he aims to please himself more than me. He knows me best, he fucks me best. 

Friday, 6 September 2013


I feel very guilty suddenly.... I feel like ending my fling relationship with guy A because I actually did feel something more for him than the rest..... How? :( 

Do you think I should? 

But things have been going really well between us ... And I was afraid that it might get out of hands one day... We had 4 raw sessions one horny night . .. 

And I did feel something more than just physical......