Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rear view

Or rare view here .

He rarely takes sexual pictures . But when he finally did, he took this picture of my bum 

He said my bum is bigger and shapier than before. I'm happy ! 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Real vs fake breasts

Do you know how to differentiate real vs fake boobs? 

Let me teach you guys something. 

I'm not very impressed when a petite girl has big jugs on her, visually it might look good and sexually appealing but it will feel very different from au naturel when you touch the twin peaks... 

I personally know some men who hate fake things on a girl,  they are those that dislike all sorts of plastic surgeries. However, there's some men who like fake boobs/butt. Haha so it's an interesting view here. For myself, I'm into all natural too. Because if I'm a guy, I will want to touch a real boob than a fake implanted one, if I wanted a fake breast, I could have just go to the sex toy shop and buy a pair of fake silicon boobs to squeeze right? (However if the plastic surgery is for medical augmentation like breast cancer then it's perfectly fine ) 

First tip, the fake breast is of very round shape. 

2.  The fake nipples usually points upwards. However if the implants are too big it can point downwards. Like a balloon.

3. They do not droop down like natural boobs. Even when she's lying down. It defy gravity anytime and every-time 
4. Fake implants have unusual space in between them . It's like   O  O 

Yes I understand that fake boobs look really nice and attractive on any girl, but check out what's inside, it's harmful if there's any implications. 

Or u can simply get this: 


However, real boobs
1. Will sag eventually with gravity (the bigger the saggier it will be unfortunately )
2. When a girl lies on her back , the real boob will fall naturally to whichever side she lies down 
3. Feels like two soft buns when touched.
4. Have a dew drop shape , which means the top part of the breast will not be as meaty as the bottom part . (Also due to gravity) 

But can look even with the aid of wearing bra. 

However due to technological advancements, many surgery allow for tear drop shape looking implants too! Making it harder to differentiate a fake one apart. 

Hope you will understand boobies deeper with this episode !