Friday, 7 February 2014

Cny 2

Using this two oranges to wish my readers good health and prosperity!

Yeaterday he got off. And we spent the day together... And did ... Freaking seven rounds with A in a day!! . He cummed seven times ... Haha I think he was totally worn out yesterday. It's my personal record too. 

 What's your maximum times within a day? :) 


  1. wow can tell he really miss u alot . A is such a lucky guy to have u. i love ur two oranges they look so nice n round .
    for me it 5 round
    so are u worn out too after that or you wanted more ?
    so did u got lot of red packets with ur two oranges?
    i believe we will give u some too

  2. so how have things been for the past few days ?