Friday, 19 September 2014

Q of the day: Who else goes down?

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a busy month for me.

Love it when A goes down and hungrily devour my little kitten. Love it even more when he stimulates my sensitive parts at one go. E.g. Fingering my pussy when he's licking my clit. 

It makes me moan like a whore . 

(I'm a single woman now btw. I realized I can do better without my bf. )

Pic credit to a loyal reader who emailed me :) you know who you are. 
Love you guys! 

N gutter uncensored 

Which asian 

Pussy do you like? 

If she spreads her leg like this will you go down too? 


  1. If she spreads her legs like that pic above, I will devour her pussy ;) If I have a choice of asian pussy it would definitely be someone close here :) Man should definitely foreplay BEFORE anything!! ( except for kissing and groping ) of course!! Making the honey pot all wet and slippery, best still, girls who can squirt!! Turn on!! using all the liquid to penetrate the pussy and even better asshole ;)

    Love your post <3

    1. Almost forgotten about it, it's good that you're single now, having a rest from all the stress :) You definitely can do better without your bf :D Believe in you and carry on doing whatever you are doing because you are doing it right!! :D

  2. Hi there u really got a nice blog here. wish to see more update from you! :)

  3. Yes, I will go down on her. Unfortunately, not all girls enjoy being licked there.