Thursday, 2 October 2014

How to make a girl wet 101


Touch her first.. To warm up the session, try to kiss her (make the kiss more sensual by making it wetter than normal, explore her whole mouth and kind of fucked her mouth with your tongue) 

As you kiss her, try to roam your free hands around her body , or you can use one hand to grab her face when you kiss her and the other free hand to touch around. 

Do not try to target her nipples straight, let things go slow first. 

After you roamed around the whole body, feel her hot body all yours, gently explore the bottom area first, meaning slide your hands in and touch outside of her panty. Just move around there, feel how soft her little pussy is and it will slowly get wetter as you touch. 

If she struggle , kiss her harder and wetter. :)

Then once you think she's moist below, move your hands up to the belly button (some may feel itchy) and move up again to the glorious breast of your partner's. 

Now u can either face her or stay behind her and use both hands to rub her breast, (by this time she should have let out some gasps or moans) 

Slowly move to the nipples and check out how pointed the nipples are. Move your head down to the raisins and give them both a long awaited suck. 

Extra tip: if your partner is kinky enough, blindfold her before foreplay and that will get her anticipate further and even wetter ;)

Will update another time to teach you guys how to make your gf/wife wetter. 
This tip will confirm make her wetter than usual . Always remember : foreplay is essential. :) have fun pumping guys! 


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  2. That's how it's done, though I will kiss the neck too ... Thank you :)