Friday, 14 August 2015


Amidst busy lives, suddenly this space of mine came across to my mind.

Ages since I last logged in, God knows why... Maybe because sex life has been boring to me, I'm still with A. And after that long period, things are getting so boring between us... Mandatory Weekend sexs... Weekday Sex occasionally... The same old thing and style.

Sex now is just a relieve from stress, or just to display that affection still exist for a couple.

Not exciting enough for me anymore. That's why I got nothing to blog on.

But I last checked my blog statistics count, it got at least a 200 page views a day. Wow. People are still reading this? Maybe I should get back on track .

So anyone has foot fetish? 

A sucked my toes once and to my surprised,  I got turned on by it. 


  1. I will do as you said... Glad you are back...

  2. I think you should definitely come back. Get some suggestions from your 200+ loyal readers to do as dares or to spice up your sex. ;)

  3. Nice love to suck n kiss them