Thursday, 19 May 2016

2 new girls back!

Hi I'm back, did anyone miss me ? How is the nsfw community doing ? Good news for you all my dear readers! 

As I was from an all girls school last time, there were pretty a lot of lesbians in my school. So I happened to meet up with 2 girls and we were openly talking about sex and all that stuff. There is two types of people in a girls school, type 1 is the super open and loud and can change clothes in front of classmates kinda girls which I mostly enjoyed hanging around with. The other one will be those girls who scream and disgust at the word "dick" or any offensive/sexual/vulgar words. 

So type 1 and the 2 basically got together "officially" now and we were kinda back to how close we were last time after a special coincident day. We have been hanging around since then.. Btw, it's fun to see type 2 coming out of her shy shell and becoming so adventurous now haha ;)

So.. Here comes the good news, I told them about this long forgotten blog, which kind of got them really excited. (We are very open about sexual stuff and towards each other because we used to change during PE lessons together) ... type 1 is even suggesting to show my readers some peek a boo.

 She is really skinny btw. (So Different from me haha) 

This is one of her selfies in her phone. 

Another one , shot by her girlfriend . 

She is still losing weight, only eating 1 meal a day . 


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  2. Good to hear from you again! Nice pics too :)

  3. Finally you are back...

  4. nice to read your blog, just came across your blogs!! wacky blogs lolx

  5. When will you have your next post? I can't wait!