Saturday, 5 April 2014

Drowsy weekends

I've added some of you in my wechat to chat up and make friends with. :) 
Sorry if I didn't ask you for it , cause it's either you are too boring for me or too creepy or without a name/age/job or married or below 24 year old. //

Honestly, I did not expect that amount of responses from you guys :) thanks so much. 

But a number of the guys just taking this like a chance to have sex with me etc. Aggggh hate it. Why will a girl wanna sex with you and you expect it for free?! Are u  David beckham?! 

Anyway the weekend is sooo short . I hardly have time to rest cause I'm such a sick kitten. And this time round I'm down with flu infection, which gotten really bad that I have a throat infection now as well. Not forgetting all the medications that made me drowsy whole day and night . 


On the other hand, I'm happy that people are still sending me emails saying that they enjoyed reading my blog. :)))

One guy even spent the whole afternoon away reading allllll my entries since the first post till the last. :') 

Here's a cute doggie pic! 

Mr A and I are back again! Maybe he missed my kitty too much. Haha just kidding. But he still wanna settle down with me!! Maybe in a few years time I'll really consider him. 
That night we had sex, he pre-ejaculated 4 times in a row. Like wth... He's looking into remedies to solve his precum issues. He said I'm too sexy for him to hold back his loads. Lol... Luckily we are on condom. :) 
I feel good to be with him, cause he really treats me like a princess most of the time and not just as a sex doll. Sometimes we can spend the whole night talking without doing anything extras ;) that's what makes him diff from the rest of the guys isn't! He's like my part time bf . I must say I'm pretty contented with him... Until I find a better one that comes along :) 

Oh ya! Do you guys have any fantasy? It's hidden deeeeep inside you. Deeeeeeeep inside me I always wanted to try out an orgy/ 3P/ 4P for fun. But I wanna be the only female la. So it's gonna be MMF or MMMF :) 

Ok I'm gonna rest now. 
Sorry for the abrupt ending here. 


  1. Are you Victoria Beckham?!

    1. No , i did not mention that I'm Victoria beckham or I'm high up there etc. There's guys asking me for free sex and you think it's fine? So why can't I say that? So who do you think they are?? And who are you this coward anonymous?

      Oh you actually meant that having a sexual blog means I have to accept their absurd request and be friends with everyone?

      Actually does it make sense that any random girl will go and have sex with a stranger anyhow for free ?? Help me find one pls! I have a whole list of guys waiting desperately for those girls . They will be sooooooo please to have you as their pimp-friend!!!!! :)

    2. Chill my girl. Relax. Just have to ignore this people. They just want to simply makes people day bad..

  2. You have amazing fantasies :D