Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jason's encounter

The following true story is from one of my male reader , Jason :) 

One of the encounter I had:
I was attached with this lady A who was a director of a company and had a big office at CBD,
 (I doggy her at her office room overviewing the whole clarke quay pubs area, cause she got a large office by herself).

One night while I was chilling with this other girl, an air stewardess B... we got high on gin tonic and then she asked if I wanted to visit her new BTO HDB house she got with her finance and I agreed. She blow me on the way there while I was driving. When enter the house, it was brand new & empty with only a new king size mattress that wasn't even open!!! 

We teared the plastic sheet cover off and she started to ride on me fiercely, really rough rowdy sex. After which I doggy her. And finally I was missionary her, suddenly my hp rang and lady A was calling me wishing me goodnight. Being drunk I answered my phone and talked to her while missionaring girl B.

Girl B got instantly turn on super high by now and she whispered to my ears : " please chat more with her" which I did.
 I even turned on to speaker mode,put my iphone on top of girl B boobs and missionary her while saying "i love u" and mushy stuff to girl A. 

It was this damn scandalous feeling which I know its wrong but so attracted to it. After finished the conversation and ending the call with A, I ask B to call her finance and chat with him, which she did. Girl B let out soft moan which chatting with her finance and it was damn shiok. After ending the call, I cum and we both went home. The next day morning girl B said the finance parents went to the new house with her, and girl B saw the condom with my cum leftover on the floor, we both too drunk to clear up the mess and forgot about it. She was so embarrassed and quickly cleared it off and hope that the parents didnt ask their son. =)

 Hey readers! by the way i really love to read your scandals stories! Email me to share your stories here :) 

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