Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fantasy story part B

as i inhale the sweet scent of the moist prize, my hand slowly remove the final layer, the lacy panties. blowing hot air at the entrance, my finger traces the inner thighs, making you shiver from the sensation. right before my eyes, seeing love juice flowing out, my tongue proceeds to lap all the juice, carefully avoiding those sensitive lips and clitoris. feeling my tongue all over the place, except at the most sensitive part drives you to beg me. Beg me to make you cum, make you rise up the heaven and reach the peak. 

after teasing for another minute or so, you forcefully guiding my head to your pussy. at the first touch, with the tongue attacking the lips, sending you over for the first time. as your orgasm and juice squirting, i continue the next attack on your clit, sending you on another wave as before you even got over the first orgasm. your body shivering, legs clamping on my head harder as i continue to lap up your juice, will the tongue works on the clit and the lips. after feeling the height of the orgasm for a good few minutes, you start to calm down from the sensation ....

to be continued.... 

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