Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fantasy story

A reader emailed me with is lovely fantasy of ours...

as we embrace in a deep passionate kiss, my hands roams to all over your body. feeling every curve, my fingers running ever so lightly across your exposed delicate skin. sending shivers down your spine with each and every touch, never once breaking the kiss. removing piece by piece as we stumbled through the place, clothes all over. by the time we reach the coach, you are the naked goddess before me. your bosoms hanging freely, forbidden fruits to be savor by me. 
as i slowly lay you down, i slowly move down and starts to devour your pink tits. flicking them so slightly, sending you into small shivers at each flick of the nipple. as i caress the soft tender breast, my kisses move down south. pass your belly button, till it reaches right above the prize...

Shall wait for him to continue the second part ;) 

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