Thursday, 31 October 2013

White lace on

Don't know how many of you are still reading my space here. 

It's actually a lifestyle diary more than a sex one so sometimes I don't go into details . But just a quick update. I had three amazing rounds with A yesterday. Cause I was wearing this new white Lacey panty that he got super super turned on from it. He fucked me with the panty on. Simply by opening my legs and then flipping the lace to the side so his cock can take the main entrance while the white lace watched closely beside my pussy lips. He cummed within minutes I swear. He said I'm out to seduced him entirely. 

He woke me up in the morning before work to fuck me again. Because I was sleeping in the white Lacey panty and a sleeveless white top with no bras on. 

He even smelled my panty when I took it off so I can wash my privates after sex. 
I've read about there are actually guys out there who maaturbate with ladies' panties . Are u one of them? 


  1. I'm still here cause you post rather frequently and nope, not one of them but I'm a little intrigued.

  2. New but a big fan here! Hmm used to when I was new to lingere. But not now but innocent sexy undies turns me on good!

  3. Just keep writing, there will always be people reading. Even if nobody comments. As to your question, yup, that's one of my favourite things to do if i can get hold of one... :x

  4. will come in to ur blog daily to see if u have any new updates
    hope to see more from u
    Happy Halloween n great weekend ahead

  5. yeah.. keep it going.. and keep the action flowing