Sunday, 13 October 2013

A quickie

Fell passionately into two rounds of sex before we head out for late dinner at 9pm ... After dinner we were strolling around the neighborhood hands in hands, feeling like a old married couple. 
No doubts he loves me. 
But do I really love him? 

Back into A's car I suddenly lean over to driver seat and kissed him. The way we started... That passionate wet kiss... And then his cock seemed to recharge with battery and the very next thing he did was enroute and sped back to his house. 

The moment we got home we started peeling off each other clothes and had a quickie (third round) and pumped like rabbits before he sent me back home again. 

How was your Sunday night? :] 


  1. came across to your blog awhile ago. spent time reading all of ur stories. totally hot especially the ones with pictures! keep on writing :)