Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Teacher teacher

A: you know I kinda like role playing right? 

Me: yep. Is that a hint? 

A: haha maybe we should buy costume to try ... I like nurse, teacher, student.... 

Me: hahahaha typical man ! 

... The next day... 

I whipped up a good Chinese dinner for A when he came back from work .... He was very satisfied with the delicious meal I cooked.... And was sleepy after dinner so I suggested I go over his place ...

Meanwhile I have already packed my bag... An hour earlier I opened my wardrobe and searched for any likely outfit which can be deemed as school girl uniform. 

Luckily I found somewhat can be substituted as a school outfit which looks like this: 

seems like those u can see from Japanese porn isn't? Lol 

Anyways I brought the outfit to his place and waited till he showers.... And I quickly change into the student attire and start flipping the thick reference financial books he had on his desk. The skirt I was wearing was so short that I had to stand up . (There's no panty underneath it as well) and I tied up my hair into a pony tail. 

After 10mins, he's out of the shower... And was very surprised to see a naughty student loitering at his desk. ;) 

A: wow where did you get this outfit? 

Me: teacher teacher ... I don't know how to do your homework at all... :( 

A: why didn't you listen in class? Now I have to give you some remedial lessons then... 

Me: I'm sorry ... Ok I will be attentive this time. 

A: you still deserve to be punish first.

Me: pls teacher A.... 

A: why are u wearing such a short skirt? 

Me: ... 

A: bend down now. 

Me: teacher! Why??

A: I have to spank you for that. You don't have any discipline at all! 

And teacher A held me down and landed a heavy smack on my butt. I wailed... He continued and gave several smacks on my buttocks, which eventually reddens... 

He slided a finger into my pussy, and realized it's glistening wet... 

A: "& your remedial lesson starts now."

He finger fucked me rapidly till I was panting and asked him to stop. He held my hands behind and continues while I'm feeling very helpless as I can't see what he will do to me.  Hence I'm super wet below thinking of such thoughts in my head...

He then flipped me over and I looked at him innocently.... He went down and licked my juicy hole. He continues "painting" it with his skillful tongue. 

Me: "Hmmm... Ahh... Teacher pls... Stop it.. What if other student knows? " 

Mr A : "It's after school and I already locked my door " 

" now get up and I am teaching u something. Do u know what is a bj? "

I shaked my head obediently. 

Mr A: " now place yr mouth on top here (points to his dickhead) and suck it like a candy. " 

I went over and tried it. He then instructed me to suck up and down the growing dick. I did according to what I was told. He smacked my butt again and moaned. I moaned too. The spankings sting but made me so aroused... 

He couldn't control anymore and asked me to lie down on the bed. He placed a pillow below my butt to elevate it higher and grabbed my hands under his hands so I cannot move anywhere. Without any warning, he slided his erected dick into me and pumped hard right away! I moaned so loud and I can see his face full of enjoyment too. His dick was totally immersed into my wetness.

I screamed and asked teacher A to stop, but he threatened to tell my mum about my misbehaviour.... 

He went missionary all the way on me and ended up with his cum in my innocent sweet face. 

"Now you will be good. " Mr A said. 

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