Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New poll

Hi all! I just made a new poll out there at the right side of my blog. Unfortunately  for mobile users, you must view my site in the web view version for you to see and vote! 

(For mobile users: Just scroll all the way down and click on the web view/ site view/ web version link ) 

I saw from my stats that 30% of my viewer are from mobile platforms actually. So please vote regardless where you are from. & don't be shy cause the polls are completely anonymous! 

Let's see what you guys are thinking :) 

Also, I added another widget in my blog : reactions such as sexy, cool and yawns for your feedback! (Anonymous again! ) 
I'm such a nice interactive blogger. Haha

Anyway another quick update. Maybe new readers may not have know this but from one of my earliest entries featuring mr J, or also known as my previous 4 months fling... He's a typical mr nice guy btw! And he was a virgin...until he met me of course! I left him for my boyfriend eventually, cause he was pressing me for an openly rightful status . 

Anyway to cut the story short again,  I actually contacted him yesterday. 
We had an enjoyable dinner together... And we did nothing.. But somehow I kinda missed him (as a person himself) . 

Maybe I should just continue contacting him......?


  1. yes u should as no hurt have more friends around as u are still young.
    maybe u will find that the one that u should be
    hope this will help u