Sunday, 17 November 2013

Period sex

Sorry for the lack of updates cause I have been busy setting up an online apparel shop... It's really a lot of work I realised. And the returns ain't big either. Me and my partner are already thinking of giving up two days after we started. :(

It's stressing me up a lot. 

Anyways I spent a 4D3N at bf's place earlier but I'm having Menses so ... I rejected his advances. However he was horny .... So eventually we did once.

 In the bathroom during our shower session together. The moment i enter the bathroom, stripped, I went down on my knees and give him a yummy blowjob. I concentrated on his head cause I couldn't take in the whole shaft inside my mouth. His dick is too big for my small mouth. And I'm glad for two things, one, his dick don't smell bad. Two, he didn't force me to take in the whole shaft either ! (Cause Mr. A would always push my head deeper and deeper) 

And then bf flipped me over into a standing doggy position and fucked me hard facing the mirror. And the showerhead was spraying on my butt while he was fucking, making a lot of splashing and water fuck sounds with every moves. 

Luckily there's no blood during the process (or maybe the water has washed away them already) and then we just bathed as per normal. 


  1. morning thanks for the sharing
    seen like A is a better guy to u than ur Bf
    so other than making food for u did he give u hotdog to eat too ?

  2. hey so how ur this week coming up for u
    everything going well for u ?