Sunday, 10 November 2013

Selfie In the car

Who else is wearing black today? 
I think black is a very sexy colour. That's why my wardrobe is 50% black. Haha sneak peek of my little cute black today. And that's the seat belt and not my dress belt LOL 

Now I'm heading to Out for a couple spa massage that Mr.A booked .. Happy Sunday guys! :) 


  1. nice so Mr A send u or u drive ?
    is the spa fully paid ?
    plus dinner ???

  2. Of course he sent me there with full expenses paid :) he is quite a gentleman

    1. wow u wake up so early !!!
      that good that should be the way
      so any new updates soon hope to know what going on in ur daily life

  3. Yumz picture for the day! Black 50%? That's alot, Black lacey lingere have? :)

  4. Pretty much makes me wish you were in my car. ;)