Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reunion of mr.J

After nine months, Somehow we ended up talking again. Because J knew abit about the medical fields and I was asking him about some personal issues... And then we talked. And ended up meeting out for a meal. After the meal, he drove me to the familiar shop that we used to patronize to have one of my favourite dessert .. .. After dessert he sent me back home but I asked if he wanna come up to my place out of courtesy. 

And he said yes. 

Anyways My back were always  aching ... And to add on to my agony, my legs are aching too cause I went for a run the day before.  And I was complaining about it to him, just like old times. And he automatically start to massage my legs for me. 

I lay my legs above his legs , while he is in a sit upright position . So somehow one of my leg is rather close with his sensitive part and that is absolutely not on purpose. And when he was massaging my sore legs , I can feel his erection growing actually. But we did not hanky panky at all. Neither did he touch anywhere elses. 

And then we started chatting happily and I teased him about some random stuff which I forgotten , and he started tickling me. (Btw I hate ticklings) and I screamed, kicked and punched him in his arm and tickle him back ! And he was protecting himself so he locked my arms to my body so I can't touch him. And then ended up with him hugging me. 

For 1 min.

Before I stopped that whole scene. 

I coughed and told him that it's late, he should probably go back. He said ok and left. 


  1. hmmm seen like u have a few guys other than ur bf who treat u better than him
    care to share more of this J guy . what ur feel when u see him n when he hug u do u feel like old time ??
    will u be meeting him again ?
    is he still into u

  2. so did not hear of anything about ur bf, he did not find it strange u did not meet up with him or stay over

    1. I met my bf and stayed over for four days actually. :)
      Regarding J, it's my old fling, I have zero love for him so I don't feel anything when he hugged me that's why I stopped him.
      But I guess he is still into me? That's why he's still nice to me .