Thursday, 16 January 2014

In the bus

Boring shot in the bus. Here's a picture of my fat legs. Hahaha cause I used to dance ballet many years ago and all the muscles have turned into fats. 

Anyways since this is a rendezvous blog; I think I shall blog about something related ( in case my readers run away and never read this space anymore, in their minds thinking why this blogger so boring??!) haha. Not much actions will be available in this coming period, cause I'm so single . (Still with A ) but no strings attached . 

Anyways being in the bus reminds me of so much memories. 

One of them is the usual groping . Do you all have similar experiences like me? 

My ex bf and I will hop on the bus home together and I will accidentally brush my boobs over his elbow or arms and get him really excited . And his fingers will be out and touching part of my boobs, and when there's lesser people in te public bus, he will grope my whole asset and my hands over his fully erected groin... And then he will whisper into my ears: " can't wait to get home " with a silly grin plastered across his face. ;) 


  1. don't think of past things... miss it find me :x

  2. u dont look to have fat legs from the pic u show . they look slim to me. Can tell u still miss him alot. but is it true to say that if the woman have feeling for the person then will accidentally brush the boobs on the person or is it really accidentally. hope u have a nice weekend

  3. No one can really forget about the past, unless something happen that later the brain or something. It's not so easy to get over, even now when I though of the times I'm with my ex I do still feel a little sad.

    1. While you are with your current gf you still think about your ex? Me too... I will even pretend that mr.A is my ex bf when I hug him from behind. :(

    2. you need time to get over it n you will find someone better

    3. Nope, I don't have a gf at the moment, I'm waiting for the person who share an affinity with me. Well, lets see, its been about 5 years maybe? It doesn't hurt as much already, just occasional dreams and flash backs.

      Getting over to me means does not hurt as much as before. No one can really forget, it is just like how some people can never forget their first love. Life is all about dealing with the setbacks and move forward, and then someday in the later part of your life, when you look back, everything will make sense (No coincidence in life haha).