Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New year 2014

It's a bad start for this year. 
At least for me. 
Sometimes I realised some friends are really pretentious . And it irks me a lot cause I have to be pretentious to them too. Some will backstab people behind and act innocent on the front. I have to admit that honestly I'm an easily affected person. I can sense it immediately when people are fake around me. 

So much rants for the start of the year . 

But the only best thing is : 
Ex bf asked me back for a patch. 
But Mr.A is really possessive now and I can't really decide yet. But he keeps checking my phone everytime I leave my phone alone.

Hope I will keep the stories coming up soon. I'm just too unwell recently. :( 


  1. hope u get well soon
    so are u still planing to sell

    1. anyway A should not be checking on ur phone as u should have some space too so u decide to go back with ur ex or just that the role have change between ex n A

  2. On the flip side, you realise you don't need those friends. And now that you have the freedom of choice again, make the right choice!