Saturday, 11 January 2014

Just had this major quarrel with A . He checks me phone again!!! And read all my messages which made him angry cause I still text my ex bf now and then. And he's very unhappy about it. Actually he's beginning to make me stress up.

Now me and ex bf are really just friends.... :( it's really complicated cause he wants me back but only with some conditions set by him. So I rejected the chance but at the same time kinda saddens me a lot. :( 

So I'm not ready to venture into another fling or relationship yet. 

But me and A had make up sex for three times a day. He said he's always horny whenever he sees me. 


  1. hey u should really think hard if u really want to be check n not trust by him every now n then where he should not be checking on u at all
    u should have ur stand n i feel he trust u more of a sex tool sorry to say that he should treat u better. email me if u need to have a listening ear hope to help u

  2. Actually you are wrong. A treats me really well, that's why he is very insecured about everything including my Ex. A doesn't see me as a sex tool! He is just afraid to lose me so he is keeping his high guards on. :) don't misunderstand his intentions

    1. ic sorry for misunderstand his intentions
      maybe he want to be ur official BF so that he can treat u well openly
      so what ur plan with him n ur ex