Saturday, 18 January 2014

Things I never said about my ex

It's a Sunday morning... 
Mr.A is overseas with his friends, my ex should be sleeping cause he went out the whole night last night and only came back in the morning. Last night, I was working on my computer at home till 3am too.  And I woke up early this morning wanting to finish up my work.... But decided to blog. 

I'm all alone at home. 

Thinking about everything. Starting to wonder what went wrong.... 

Actually , I am faithful to my bf for the first few years. But realized that once the honeymoon period is gone, he was no longer interested in me as a gf. He will no longer try to please me or make any effort in this relationship.

He will prefer going out with his friends than with me. He will prefer to spend all his money when outside with them and then when it comes to me, we go on Dutch when paying or we rarely go out anymore

That's when I started looking for flings gradually even when we are together. Yes I know I am being really unfaithful and unfair towards him. I love him, but I need someone to show me love and affection too. 

Maybe I should put down everything... 


  1. hey how ur sunday is better.
    u are right in a way that guy should treat the other half the same before n after they are together. what the reason he give for being late for 1 hour. should he be the one who take care of u when u are out with him?
    maybe u should put down all the things . yes u should have someone who give u the love n affection as all girl should get that
    hope things will get better for u

  2. its not all your fault my dear.. it takes two hands to clap takes both of you to work hard together.. so dont blame yourself okayyy :))

  3. Have you discussed that with him? ;) Happy flinging while you're single!

  4. This is what happen when a bad habit goes out of hand. There's nothing you can do about the bad habit of his, these stuff can only be realize by himself.