Tuesday, 27 August 2013

BF (1)

Let me start with the most important person. 

My BF. 

We have been together for x years and beside the usual small, regular quarrels throughout the relationship, we love each other deeply actually. 

I love him alot too. 

But . 

He's quite violent when he gets angry. But he toned down on that alot nowadays. So I don't wanna elaborate further. His temper used to be very bad.... And for the past years I've always tolerated every thing I faced. 

To him, I'm a kind hearted, tolerating gf. That why sometimes he tends to go over the line with me. Which is usually resolved by his "sorry" later on. And I always, forgive him without fail. 

Sex... Sex with him is rough and romantic at the same time.. His foreplay wasn't all that good though and he's those kind of guy who expect more than he returns. But he wears me out everytime. He has a huge d* too. 

He's not from a wealthy background and his family treats me very well which I'm really appreciative of. Sometimes I realized I forgive him many times due to his family's love for me. 

He is a heck care BF. & that explains why I get a lot freedom in this relationship... He's always busy with friends or his own hobbies. He's not a family guy (unlike me) and I don't like that fact.  To add on, he is not that caring boyfriend every girl wishes to have. He cares more about himself and do not prioritize me. 

E.g. Today, We can agree on catching a particular movie on the next week.

But coincidently the next day, his friends ask him out for that movie (we agreed on watching together) and he will still watch with them. And then texted me that next week's movie is cancelled. 

Still, I know this is the only guy I can't let go of. 

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