Saturday, 31 August 2013

Guy A

Whom is my current fling. He is such amazing licker. He gets super turned on by my moans and pantings. Especially if my moans slowly turn into gasps and pantings..... 

Today, after our rounds, He said he wanna marry me . 

I went blank. 

Anyways I find him attractive when he's serious. I like to mess around with him and make him jealous all the time :p 

I made him jealous by saying I masturbated to a hot guy I knew online. When he saw me, he was angry and jealous but I kissed him passionately and moved down to his sensitive nipples. I licked and licked till they stand. 

He's delicious. 

But he was still angry . He pushed his dick into my mouth. And fucked my mouth hard. I felt helpless and horny while he grabbed my hair and pushed deeper into my throat. I can literally taste his precum in the back of my throat.... 

And he turned me around and fuck me twice . 

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