Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guy L (2)

(Btw this happens in 2011) 

We went out to a nearby mall to catch a movie. On our way there , there's a beggar begging on the floor, he took out his wallet and gave a $10 note generously to him. I was quite impressed by his move cause I usually only give $2. And I have him a smile and he held my hands. It felt so wrong. He said he missed me. (He had a gf back then too)

I let go of his hands and we proceed to the cinema. In the theatre, he suddenly turned towards me and hugged me. I rejected, but he said " don't, let me hug you.  I miss you. "  

He kissed me inside the darkness. I forgot what movie was showing back then. 

When we came out, we had jap food and then Haagen Dazs for dessert. He fed me ice cream and wiped my mouth for me. I feel extremely uncomfortable by his gesture. It's too weird for him to behave like this. 

He sent me back.. 

On the way home.... He held my hands all the way in the car ...

When we got home, we continued chatting in MSN....

Then the following week, he suggested another meet up. We had dinner together and chit chats... 

Nearer to my house, he drove into a darker lane....  (To be continue) 

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