Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guy Joe (1)

(Happened in 2012) 

We were at a group outing for the first time. It's for an event which I don't wanna disclose. But to cut the story short, We were divided into groups of 30 people. So basically it's 15 females and 15 males in a group. Then there will be games and activities where groups compete with each other. 

Side note// At the event day itself, I was on bad terms with my BF, we quarreled and broke up the previous day before the event day. Out of anger, both of us didn't contact each other at all that day. //

Joe* saw me for the first time. & He liked me instantly. (He told me later on when we were together) He mentioned that I'm his "type" of girl and was eyeing on me the whole event. I hope it doesn't sound creepy here, cause it really wasn't! He likes girl with light make up on, and I was that day, with long sleeve and a dull shorts. But he was attracted to this kinda natural beauty. Non fake, non pretentious. 

I was doing rather well in the group games but I due to my shy personality, I didn't get to know the majority of guys in my group. I only knew 2 guys by the end of the day. and of course I didn't know his existence at all yet. 

So the event day ended. 

2 days later, our contact list with our phone numbers were uploaded on Facebook and tagged by the organizers. 

And Joe went to search all the girls in the list to get to know which exactly is my name in the long list.... And his efforts paid off. He got my number too. 

I didn't accept his request in Facebook cause I barely knew him at all. And he texted me the day after... 

I was still having fighting texts with my BF till now. And I received Joe's text . 

But i ignored it. 

Fights continued (but in my heart I'm just hoping for his text every single seconds) and he was hostile and cold to me by the next 3 days. 

Out to spite him, I replied Joe (3 days after he texted me) . 

He was baffled by my reply, but happy at the same time and we texted pretty much that day.

Strangely he did not asked me if I'm single or attached while we are chatting... He then asked me out for a date. And by then, BF was still not eager to get back or shown any signs of remorsefulness. So I agreed. 

We lived quite far apart and he cannot find my place so he was late ( despite the fact that he left house an hour earlier on purpose) but maybe because I gave unclear address :x 

Turned out he was really shy . Like even shyer than me. He didn't really dare to look into my eyes. He brought me to a french restaurant and we got to know each other further from the dinner. Like how he knows I don't eat clams from it. He said he enjoyed my company alot. 

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