Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Guy L (1)

I met this guy L* since we were in secondary school. He's popular with the girls whilst I'm desperately trying to get his attention on me during those days. 

He plays basketball, is short but fit. He's also good with words and naturally girls will all flock around him all the time. 

Obviously I had a big crush on him and somehow we got closer as friends.... And maybe a little too close for a friend. Sometimes he will hug me when there's no one around and we will hold hands to the bus stop after school. But everything between us were really innocent and sweet at that time. But those happy times don't last eventually and I also found out that my best friend liked him. It turns out it was mutual and soon enough, they got together & I drifted away from both my best friend and him. ( they broke up after 6 months though) 

At the point of time, we were so immature, and these are all just puppy love to me now. 

Soon, we both graduate from secondary schools and went on separate ways... 

I remember at that period, it's the MSN period... I plucked up all my courage and added him into my chat list.... 

So we started talking on and off sometimes. 

Two years passed ...

(Msn still popular cause there's no whatsapp yet) 

L: hi!! 

Me: oh hi. 

L: how are you? 

Me: good as usual. 

(Some catching up news and updates about him ) 

L: it's been so long since we met la. Don't u go out with any secondary school friends? Yesterday I just went out with *thomas, (a mutual friend) 
Why not we video chat? 

Me: ok sure 
L: this weekend free? Wanna meet for a movie? It's really long since we last met..... 

Me: huh. I think will awkward since we haven't meet for so long already. 

L: won't la. Trust me. I miss you leh.  I drive my new Audi come pick u. 

Me: ok... 

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