Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Driving tease

I placed my hands onto his crotch, while he's driving. It was rocking hard underneath and the raging cock is trapped inside the double layers of boxer and pants, waiting for me to release. 

I unzipped his pants and revealed his boxers and shifted down to take a good view of his glorious cock, and i begin grabbing his dick in my hands, stroking up and down while he shakes a little. It's hard to concentrate on driving this way I suppose.... . 

I can see the urge in his eyes, and the exploding dick in front of me. So I decided that i should go down and have a taste of his juice stick when we were stopping  at a traffic light. He was so uptight that the neighbouring cars might be able to see this. But I couldn't  care any further. 

i licked like a sexy kitten while his precum keep oozing out... Then put this huge dick against my lips, rubbed it around and swirled it with my glistening saliva and then opened my lips to slide my precious manhood into my tiny mouth fully .

Bf: baby, I can't focus anymore.. Ahh... 

Me: (suck harder) 

Bf was moaning while driving. I was such a cock teaser.


Went upstairs and I did a striptease in the bedroom, dancing and grinding him with my ass. and he went wild over me, held my hands up above my head and tied it up with any clothing he found. Then went pumping me all over again and released all his  cum all over my hot butt.