Monday, 9 September 2013

Last night.

Spent two nights over at A's place. I don't like it that he sleeps with fans on instead of Aircon. :( I'm very used to sleeping with air con!!! :( 

Apart from that, we had 4 rounds within the 2 nights. He's very gentle with me till i had to ask him to be less gentle on bed. I whispered into his ears: " fuck me like a slut " and he went wild and fuck me with his might. 

Well. Honestly, even with all his might, he still loses to bf's. We only tried out a few positions till now. He like it best when both legs are up at his shoulders, and he inserts deeply inside me like I'm doing a yoga move. Lol...

Oh, our foreplay last night was great. He licked me till my clit is sore and pink . It lasted for about 10 mins and I pushed his head down and he obediently lapped his way out for another 10mins. Awesome skills he got there. ;)  I actually orgasmed twice from it... When I was orgasming and screaming, he placed another finger into my pussy and ff me real hard . I orgasmed another time. 

Then we had raw sex. (I just ended my period so I think it's rather safe? ) 
He asked if he could cum on my pretty face. I agreed. 
He held back his orgasm several times for that. He said to build up more protein for me. Lol . Yes, he did cum alot on my face last night. When he sprayed on my face I was shocked and hungry for his warm big load. Hmmmm I'm getting wet from recalling it. It was all over my face and hair. It definitely won't be the last time I'm gonna let him cum on my face. :)

P.s. my Bf still deserves best sex award though he aims to please himself more than me. He knows me best, he fucks me best. 

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