Monday, 23 September 2013


Actually I still love my bf. It's habit, it's years , it's commitments, it's family, it's promise, it's a vow soon. 

Like how I mention I wanna break up with my bf to my parents.... And both of them ended up scolding me for being crazy and overthinking. Just like how he tell his family and they will scold him too. 

His mum / my mil, treats me really well too. 

Ahhhhh I'm still not ready to give up everything I had build up with bf now. Not for any other person yet. 

I can't even say " I love you " to A . But I can easily say it to bf . Does it shows who I love now? Even though I enjoyed the company of A.... But just not enough to make me end everything yet. 

Ahh but I'm such a flirt :( 

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  1. sometime its better u dont think too much of what ppl say instead should put how u think as at the end it is u who are going to living through it