Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sick Sunday

My timezone in seemed pretty messed up. It's Sunday now btw. At least in my world. 

I hate Sunday. Sunday means Monday is coming. :( super hate when A has to leave for work in the early morning!

Anyways I'm sick now, caught a bad flu and a splitting headache on my left side of the head. . But A came over to take care of me rather than my bf. He slept over A my place last night... although we did had One round of gentle sex.... cause we were playing an ipad versus game. and loser must lick. Well... As a matter of fact, he lost. Hence, down south he went... I orgasmed from his foreplay twice until I stopped him from licking and begged him to put his cock in. Then we fucked raw and gently.... He cummed onto my stomach which wasn't alot. Maybe because its the 5th round since Saturday. I must have drained him. ;p

On a side note, he's been really nice to me. But maybe because we are not together yet? Guys usually change once they have the girl. Right? 

My bf ? He's out with his friends till morning and is still sleepin now. 

I really hate him sometimes. Zzz 


  1. seen like u have fell for A .
    A seen to care more than ur bf maybe u should really think of breakup with ur bf as A act more like ur Bf

    1. But me and bf are going to apply bto in a year's time.... :/

    2. but is he the one u want to spend ur life with ??
      please think twice as it is better to be love than to love

  2. do u plan to go into a marriage that u know the other half dont love u as much as u do for him.
    think carefully as once u apply BTO alot of things cant go back
    is he really the right one are u really sure