Monday, 16 September 2013

Sexacape with bf

Still down with flu. But last night was super sexciting. With my bf somemore. Lol. 
 Actually I always feel that things between us are getting boring and boring. But there's always the love that keeps us going... 

Anyways Sunday night, we had a date to a live band pub. So I dressed up really sexily with a mini tube top that showed my overflowing boobs and a tight bandage skirt to go with it. We met at the station and his eyes was glued totally glued to my hot body. He gave me a kiss and whispered into my ears: "my cock stand already" hahaha 

To be continued :) 

And so we headed to the pub after walking for some long distance. On thw way there. We actually fought over a lame stuff and got quite pissed with each other. Sad things aside, eventually we made up and had the meal there and ended it with couple of beers and vodkas. 

Thumbs up for the live band though, it certainly adds up the ambience. 

So we left the pub and boyfee turned to me and said he wanna fuck me in public. Whatttttt!! 

We used to that adventurous when we were younger  like when im 18,19. Lol shy!!! Which is another whole old stories to be told some other day. 

So back to the falling night, we walked and walked trying to find a place to have fun. We ended up in a park nearby, and we climbed up the long flight of stairs which made me pretty exhausted. We actually spotted a malay couple hugging intimately while looking for our turn. Looked like the girl just finished her bj. Hahaha 

But anyways, we settled for the public toilet in the end. We went into the males' handicap cubicle and he kissed me immediately after locking the door. He went up my skirt and took down my panty like a victory. Lol. 
 Not losing out, I went down and unbutton his jeans. And gave him a good licking and sucking till he was moaning and caressing my head. I looked at him seductively and suck his glorious cock. It sure is bigger than I actually remembered. Or maybe it's comparatively bigger and thicker than A's . As usual, it's hard to devour his whole cock into my small mouth. 

Then he signaled me to rise and kissed me again while grabbing my boobies. He turned me over and positioned me into a standing doggy. And he slided his cock in . Hmmmmmmmmmawhhh 
It's freaking huge and I'm getting wetter by each thrust. My juices just keep flowing out like Im a slut and really wanting this. I can hear my sweet juices' sounds while he fucked me to cloud nine. By then, I was getting hornier and  moaning non stop . It's so huge. 

He flipped me over and now I'm facing him. He brought my right leg up and entered me at one go just like this. Damn skillful. (No need to find hole like how A does. Lol ) 

Needless to say, he fucked me senseless in that position. I open my leg and lifted my right leg higher till I can rest it on top of the toilet paper holder. He was impressed by my flexibility and fucked me even harder .... Until he felt the urge to cum out. He released me and moaned hard, and cummed all over the toilet floor. We used the toilet paper to cover up and I semi wiped it . 

We cleaned up and left the park .

(Which I didn't wore my panty back ) 

And we are waitin for cab now. 

A cab was super easy to find cause we were at CBD area.... Anyways we went in and gave the address. He asked me to sit closer to him. ... 

He hugged me initially . Then his hands roammed down to my skirt.... and went into my pussy which was already wet from thinking of his kinkiness. Usually I will put my bag in front of me on my lap, so now it's actually a good cover up.  

He slided his finger in and brushed my clit the way I liked it :) it's so kinky and couldn't moan out. Imagine my horniness! And his fingers went on and on all the way till we reached his place. 

When we reached, he lifted up my tight skirt to have a glimpse of how wet I am from his naughty foreplay. Seeing how extremely wet i was ... he fucked me again with his giant manhood. ;) 


  1. hope u have a great week n get well soon.
    do u want a guy who just love to fuck u or someone who not only love u n take care of u when u are sick n give u his time whenever u need

  2. i feel u are like a tool to him sorry to say that

  3. As long as you're sexually satisfied ;)