Wednesday, 11 September 2013

1: bf , 2: A

Last night I came back from bf place and went to find A immediately straight when I reached home. 

I miss him. Basically he's a nice companion too. Not sure if I regard him as my fling actually.  So I was over at his place in no time. And I bathed there, which eventually leads to something hot and steamy after I bathed out.... Actually I didn't went over to A's for sex. I went over cause I missed him. But still it leads us to something more every time we kissed ... 

Except when he's licking me during foreplay, he commented on how sore my pussy looks.... 

He came alot . All over my body and some got onto his pillow and the bed sheets. I love to have his hot cum all over me. 

I didn't tempt him into a second round cause I'm really sore. I'm always sore from bf's. he's so huge

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