Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Make up sex with bf

Well title says it all. I was planning to stay over at bf's place. But he was busy with his stuff and we fought ....  

Anyways I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed and tugged myself into the warm blankets. Then bf came to hug me like a polar bear. Lol we kissed. 

Anyways he grabbed my boobs and reached for the sensitive nipple of mine. Rubbed till they were standing for him. He held my hands down till I touched his massive erection. And I slowly stroked it. It is as big as before.  And he slowly peeled off my pajamas till I was fully naked and feeling hot. He undressed himself and placed his finger outside my asshole. He begun rubbing and made me hornier... While my pussy pot juice slowly flowed down to my asshole, making it wet. He slide up his finger to my clit and back down to the pussy and then to the aas and back up again. It's super sensational!! All guys should try it on yr partner!! It definitely will leave the girl feeling super horny and begging you to fuck her. 

That was bf purpose too. Lol
I whispered to him to stop as I'm so wet and ready already. But he's still taking his own sweet time... He said: "so what do u want?  I want you to beg " 

I gave his dick a squeeze and was stroking up and down rapidly. He slided one finger into my wet asshole. I screamed in ecstasy. It really drive me crazy when my both honey holes were stimulated... I gave in.

" master... Pls fuck me ... Pls... "

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  1. i believe any guy out there treat u better than ur bf as he only take u as a person who he can fuck anytime sorry to say that. ur a treat u better than him i can say i can treat u better than him too