Sunday, 29 September 2013

I Hate snores!!

Just had breakfast with A at 6am cause I woke him up. Reason: he snores way too loud for me to sleep. 

And no, we didn't had sex last night at my place cause we are out of condoms. It's scary how fast we are out of condoms again. We just bought the pack of 12 last week!  

Anyways after breakfast he went for work while I travel down to bf Hse to continue my beauty sleep. It's good that bf don't snore at all ;)))) love him.

P.s. Got three ulcers inside my mouth. It's soooo painful that I can't really speak clearly sometimes. :( 
like " sad " becomes " shad" ,
 or " same" becoming " shame" lolll

1 comment:

  1. u shud try doing sumthing notty in public. suh learn from miss ettu :)